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Goldfish electrocuted at Herne Bay pond

24 May 2011

More than 100 rogue goldfish were electrocuted by wildlife experts after they were dumped in a park pond.

Environment Agency workers zapped the fish at Goldspots Pond in Herne Bay because the city council feared they would eat other species.

Specialists put an electric shock into the water on Monday, bringing the fish to the surface of the pond.

Twenty were taken away to be re-homed and the rest were given an extra fatal shock.

Agency spokesman Sam Elfer said: “It’s the most painless way to finish them off.

“We did it because Canterbury City Council want to use the pond as a wildlife reserve.

“Despite being in bowls in many people’s homes, goldfish are not native to the UK and are a threat to species such as frogs and newts.

“They’re a bit of a pain really, which is why we had to remove them.

“Now we’ll go back to encouraging native species.”

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