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When tripadvisor reviews go bad

By KentOnline reporter

A pub landlord launched a bold defence of his venue when he came across a one-star Facebook review from an apparently happy customer complaining her wine was 'too sweet.'

Kevin de Young also shot down accusations his staff at The Ringlestone Inn, in Harrietsham, had refused to allow her party to split the bill.

He faced criticism for his brusque manner and admitted he never should have got into an argument with the reviewer but it made us wonder what things Kent's diners had revealed online.

Kevin de Young, of The Ringlestone Inn, Harrietsham, who hit back at a customer's negative Facebook review. He's pictured with his partner Christina Warren.

So here's the top 10 food fails. It's not for the faint-stomached and let's say a glass of 'too-sweet' wine is the least of your worries.

1) They told me the chicken was meant to be red

One customer who wanted some fried chicken took issue with the fact it was red.

After waiting an hour-and-a-half this man was looking forward to hot, tasty chicken. That should be hot, tasty, white chicken. He added: "I called up they said that it was meant to be red."

2. When your complaints list is so long, so you have to photograph it

Photographing your complaint

And they say the USA does large portions. One Kent venue soon dispelled that. The reviewer was good to her word when she wrote: "I will add a photo of the issues as there are to many to mention."

3. Looking at a review several times and still not being sure what someone ordered

Pizza. Or a Kebab?

This came from a take-away. Beyond that we've no idea what happened here. The reviewer ordered a pizza and a dessert, adding: "It came un- cooked and way too much sauce on the pizza and cheese wasn't melted properly."

4. Not getting value for money, eating out

Burger and chips

This woman said: "Paid almost £10 for this burger, safe to say it wasn't worth £3."

5. Not getting value for money, but not realising until you get home

Worth £8?

After paying £8 for a 'double pie and mash' you can imagine this lady clutching the hot, steaming box and feeling quite good about life. That soon evaporated.

6. Trying to order something a bit different - and being disappointed

Mmmmn. Dessert.

'Gobsmacked' was how this family described their dessert order. And that their crepes tasted like 'greasy rubber.'

7. Waiter, there's a hair in my food

Close-up of pizza

Ok, we might have lied about the waiter bit, but look very closely and you can see a long, black hair nestling in this pizza. And, unfortunately, so can tripadvisor readers.

8. Undercooked orders

Undercooked pasta

Be honest, if this image popped up on a David Attenborough programme, you'd think it was some creature from the deep. It's not, it was meant to be a garlic dough knot. More dough not, perhaps.

9. Split sauces

We think we're looking at a Raita that's split.

Little foil parcels usually mean a tasty curry or Chinese. Sadly for one takeaway lover, they offered up a split Raita and a soggy poppadom after more than an hour's wait.

10. The thing is, it's all subjective

Online reviews can be summed up by this picture

This picture explains a lot. We've not named the businesses quoted above as we feel it would be unfair as we cannot give the full picture of everyone's experiences. These are just examples of things which may have gone wrong. Many of the venues above also have customers who enjoyed their food and rated the service. Perhaps if you've had a good experience, maybe give a shout out to the staff. We think they'll appreciate it.

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