University of Kent


Can a computer be creative - Dr Anna Jordanous

Can computers be creative? This seems like a contradiction. Computers are very good at mechanical tasks, churning through large data, processing, calculating… And recently we’ve become used to computers doing more intelligent things. Computers have become an essential part of our lives, for example the smartphone which is ubiquitous in modern-day life. We constantly use computers to help us find out information online, guide us from A to B when we’re lost, document things we are doing at work, and so on. But isn’t a computer just a machine whereas creativity is a uniquely human concept that needs something more than mechanical ‘mindless’ processing? Actually, one area of artificial intelligence research looks at exactly the question of how a computer can be creative. In computational creativity, we study how and if computers can be creative. The goal is to model, simulate or replicate creativity computationally. In this talk, Dr Anna Jordanous from the University of Kent looks at what this all means, why we would want to study computers being creative, and what we can learn from this work.


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