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Driven mad by stupid tip rules

This man is proof of the lunacy of the new rules now governing Tovil tip.
He is Bearsted resident Graham Hobden.

Mr Hobden has been re-decorating his home in Winifred Road and accumulated some bags of old wallpaper and plaster which he attempted to take to the Tovil Waste Recycling Station in his Toyota Yaris.

Bur he is a driving instructor and his car had its Graham Hobden Driving School signs on it.

He was stopped by tip staff at the entrance. “You can’t bring that it here, Guv,” he was told, “No commercial vehicles allowed.”

Mr Hobden protested - after all it was just an ordinary saloon car, that was also his own private vehicle, and he was only carrying domestic waste.

But the tip staff were firm, he couldn’t go on. As the KM has been reporting over several weeks, commercial vehicles are now banned bu KCC who manage the tip.

Then Mr Hobden remembered his driving school signs were magnetic. “If I take them off will that be all right?” he asked.

"Of course" came the answer, and he was even allowed to drive a short way into the tip to stop and take off the signs so that he didn’t hold up the traffic behind."

Mr Hobden said: “It’s so stupid. You can understand why people turned away for some petty restriction such as this would be tempted to just dump their rubbish somewhere.”

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