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Dan Daley investigates "acid rain" fears as mystery spots appear on concrete paving in Allington

05 March 2014
by Alan Smith

Mystery spots descend on Allington

Mystery spots descend on Allington

What is happening to our pavements?
The Waghorne family were the first to notice something wrong. Overnight various mystery spots appeared on the concrete patio and paths in the garden of their home in Allington Way.
They contacted their ward councillor Dan Daley for advice, who went along to look.
Cllr Daley (Lib Dem) said: “It is a mystery. I can’t tell what’s caused it.

"The concrete has been discoloured by something, although there’s nothing that you could lift off with a screwdriver.
“It seems to have affected only concrete. There are no spots on the brickwork for example.”
When Cllr Daley returned to his home in Frinstead Walk, Allington, he found similar spots on his own pavement.
Mrs Waghorne said: “It occurred as far as we can tell between the hours of 4pm and 10pm on the night of Thursday, February 20.
”Whatever came into our garden was strong enough to strip the concrete back to its original colour. Almost like acid rain!
“We have noticed that our neighbours have also been affected, and most of the local paths that are made of concrete too.”
Cllr Daley said: “It appears to be quite widespread, but only on certain surfaces. It does not affect vehicles on the drive and there is no spotting under the places where vehicles have stood.
“So it is clearly something that has fallen from the sky.”
The environmental health team at Maidstone council has been asked to investigate.


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