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Fridge pyramid constructed on Loose Road, Maidstone

By Ed McConnell

The man behind ‘fridgehenge’ has been up to his old tricks, this time constructing a white goods pyramid.

Kevin Wildeman, who buys and sells second hand appliances from his Loose Road home, spent seven hours last Friday constructing a pyramid of fridgefreezer outside the business at the junction with Woodville Road, in Maidstone.

Mr Wildeman and his colleague Paul Stone previously won plaudits for constructing a tribute to Stonehenge out of fridges to mark last year’s summer solstice, with crowds even gathering at the monument to mark the occasion.

Kevin Wildeman with his fridge pyramid
Kevin Wildeman spent seven hours constructing the pyramid

However, his decision to barricade neighbouring Big Ben’s Fish & Grill with fridges in a tenancy dispute two months later was branded ‘a fridge too far’ by some critics.

The wall was erected following a dispute over tenancy

Both installations were promptly removed after the council and police got involved.

That clearly hasn’t deterred Mr Wildeman, who has managed to avoid being evicted from his property despite being told to leave on a number of occasions.

The 54-year-old explained he had the idea for the latest quirky tribute after being told he could no longer deal fridges by the Environment Agency.

Paul Stone and Kevin Wildeman who have created Fridgehendge

He said: “We’re not allowed to sell them anymore but I had loads hanging around so I decided to build a pyramid out of them. We started at 11pm and were finished by 6am. We even have doors that can open and you can go inside, we had a fire going in here. I call it a fridgeamid.”

He added the reaction to the pyramid has been one of confusion, with many passersby asking him why he has done it, to which his response has been ‘why not.’

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