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Wake-up call as sleeping policeman disappears

By Alan Smith

Now you see it; now you don’t.

Residents in Mill Lane, West Farleigh, were dumbfounded when one of the two sleeping policemen in their road suddenly disappeared.

The speed bump had been installed last year at the expense of the 10 households in the lane, who all chipped in.

But early in the evening of Monday last week it vanished, leaving a slight channel in the tarmac.

Where has the sleeping policeman gone?
Where has the sleeping policeman gone?

One resident said: “It was there at 6pm, then it was gone.”

The lane is unadopted and leads from Teston Lane, just above the Teston Bridge, to Tutsham Farm.

Although the houses along the lane have a right of way, it is not clear who actually owns the lane.

A rubber rumble strip installed two years ago was also eventually chopped off at the edges so as to make it ineffective, which was why the humps were installed.

Without the sleeping policeman to slow traffic just before a blind bend, residents say the road can be dangerous.

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