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Aylesford: Donations are needed for paralysed labrador Dave

By Claire McWethy

A heartbroken pet owner who came home to find her dog paralysed is raising money to find a pioneering new therapy to help him walk again.

Eight-year-old chocolate labrador Dave was an active, bouncy boy who loved chasing balls and running with his friends.

But, in January, just hours after returning from a play session, his owner Karen Sydee found him lame.

Karen Sydee is doing a fundraising walk, hoping to pay for a KerDOG walker for her paralysed Labrador, Dave.

The 50-year-old, of Abery Drive, Aylesford, said: “When I get home he is always really excited, he gets up and barks and his body nearly goes in half he wags his tail so much.

“This time he was just lying on the floor, which is just not Dave. Straight away I knew something was wrong.

“He tried to get up but he was limping on his back legs.”

After rushing him to the vet, who gave him an injection for the pain, Ms Sydee and partner Tony Minns stayed up all night with their poorly pet.

The following day a scan revealed he had ruptured a disc and debris was crushing his spinal cord, meaning he would need an operation to remove it.

After staying in hospital for a month he was given just a 5% chance of ever being able to walk again.

"Dave is a lot more than a dog to us, he’s a very important part our family" - Karen Sydee

Dave has been having hydrotherapy up to three times a week at Splash Paws in Staplehurst and twice weekly physiotherapy sessions since the accident which mean he is now able to stand and his owners hope he could be walking by the end of the year.

To help his progress they are looking to rent a kerdog, a new type of cart developed in France that has pedals to help paraplegic dogs get their legs motion co-ordination and muscle structure back. It has a 90% success rate.

Ms Sydee is appealing for help to raise £700 of the £800 needed for the deposit, and was due to hold a fundraising walk at Manor Park in West Malling last Sunday.

The receptionist, who works at Thornhills Medical Practice, Aylesford, added: “Dave is a lot more than a dog to us, he’s a very important part our family.

“He is so determined to walk and the progression he has shown is just truly inspirational.”

For more information, or to donate: click here

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