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Out of date chocolate bars sold in Best One shop in Lordswood

By Jade Edwards

A shop owner has apologised after chocolate bars months past their best-before dates were sold in his store.

Diane Shipley asked her daughter's boyfriend to pop to the Best One, in Admirals Walk, Lordswood to get his son Tyler, her 22-month-old grandson, a chocolate bar as a treat.

When he came back the 42-year-old checked the wrappers and found the bar was a month past its sell-by date.

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Diane Rachel and Tyler Shipley
Diane Rachel and Tyler Shipley

The grandmother-of-two said she called to complain but says staff were in a hurry to get her off the phone.

Mrs Shipley and Tyler’s mum, Rachel, went to the shop the following day to complain and say staff laughed at them.

Mum-of-two Miss Shipley said she collected several new bars which were out of date and gave them to a worker behind the till.

The Best One shop in Lordswood
The Best One shop in Lordswood

An hour later, the 27-year-old sent a friend to the shop to buy some more chocolate and he returned with a Wispa Gold, KitKat and KitKat Chunky, which were also past their best-before dates - March, April and February, respectively.

Apologetic shop owner Raj Mhadeva was away in Singapore at the time of the incident, attending his mother’s funeral.

Speaking to KentOnline's sister paper the Medway Messenger, he said: “I am very sorry. I gave my shop to one of my friends to look after but they didn’t look after it very well.

VIDEO: Gran's anger after shop sells out-of-date chocolate bars

“I am meeting with the customer and I will give her something to say sorry.

“I cannot afford to lose the local customers.”

Miss Shipley said: “It’s absolutely disgusting they are selling out-of-date chocolate bars, knowing there are young kids that go in there on an everyday basis.

“They could come down ill or get food poisoning.

“It’s not fair on the parents. When you go to a shop you don’t expect to have to check the dates every time you go in there.

“You instantly think they’re on the shelves, obviously they’re in date.

“It’s worrying I’ve got a 22-month-old boy who loves chocolate and as a little treat you expect them to enjoy, not have to take it back off them.

“You don’t know if it is curdled, you don’t know what out-of-date chocolate could do to a child.”

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