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Woman arrested on suspicion of child neglect released on bail after baby falls from window in Rainham

By KentOnline reporter

A one year-old baby girl is today seriously ill in hospital after falling from a first-floor window and hitting a passerby.

It comes as a woman was today released on bail after being arrested by police on suspicion of child neglect.

Police say they are trying to establish the" full circumstances" of the incident, and the 30-year-old woman has been bailed for further investigations.

Scene in Station Road, Rainham
Scene in Station Road, Rainham

But a spokesman would not confirm the woman arrested was the child's mother, named locally as Karen Sennett, 30.

The baby is said to be serious but stable in King's College Hospital in London.

A woman who saw the baby fall from a first-floor window has told how she thought it was a doll as it fell "limp" through the air.

Becky Zacharow, 18, said: "It was about 8.10am and I was on the way to the train station on the way to work.

"I turned the corner and saw an elderly man coming out the shop with his paper and some milk and then I just saw a white blur coming down."

The baby, named locally as Kiaya and thought to be about 1 year old, fell and hit an awning then fell onto the man and hit him on the arm before falling to the pavement.

Police at the scene of the accident in Station Road, Rainham
Police at the scene of the accident in Station Road, Rainham

Becky, who works at Howden Broking Group in London, said: "She had a long white baby gown on and she had a blond bowl hair cut. I just thought it was a doll.

"When she was coming down she was just spinning. She just looked limp and she wasn't making any noise.

"I went over and what I thought was this doll just started screaming and I realised it was a baby.

"I was holding her so that her head was in my shoulder and I could see that she was bleeding.

"I put her in a cradle position. She grabbed some tissue and started wiping her face. When I was talking to her she was focusing on me.

"While I was holding her her mum came to the window and her face just dropped. She came down in her dressing gown as if she had just woken up.

A police cordon outside the shop in Rainham
A police cordon outside the shop in Rainham

"She didn't say anything she was just crying."

She said the baby "seemed to know what was going on" but was clearly very badly hurt.

Becky said: "I would say she was just one. She was at the age where she had just started to be able to stand up and maybe just started to climb things."

Having given the baby back to her mum she headed on to the station to get the train to work in London.

But she saw the baby's blood was on her dress and realised there was no way she could spend the day at the office.

"When she was coming down she was just spinning. She just looked limp and she wasn't making any noise" - Becky Zacharow

She said: "It was a bit of a shock to the system. Where she was putting her head there was blood on the flowery dress I was wearing."

The South East Coast Ambulance Service said: "We were called to Station Road in Rainham following reports a young child had fallen from a first floor window.

"One ambulance attended the scene and an air ambulance was assigned to attend.

"The child was treated for injuries including a potentially serious head injury before being taken to King's College Hospital in London by road."

Kent Police said they were investigating the fall which happened around 9am.

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