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Can I have a word? Grammar Man spells it out for vandals

Grammar Man graffiti

by Rebecca Hughes

A superhero is saving Medway from crimes against spelling and grammar - by correcting misspelt graffiti.

The mystery marker, who has dubbed himself Grammar Man, has been correcting the spellings and punctuation of the scrawlings and adding his own words of wisdom alongside.

Grammar Man cartoonNext to his scribblings he also sketches a superhero with the logo of an exclamation mark emblazoned on his chest, a cape flying in the wind and a mask to conceal his identity.

The latest sighting of his work was found on the graffiti-covered floor of the bandstand in Victoria Gardens, Chatham.

After correcting words like 'woz ere' and 'innit brav', the mystery man left the message: "Terrible spelling and very poor use of grammar. This is murder of the English Language. POW! Grammar Man Strikes Again."

He also wrote next to drawings with speech bubbles that contained grammatical errors.

Alongside the drawing of a girl that said "no wonder you hate me when I look like this I love you though", he added "Punctuation Again" and placed arrows next to another to illustrate where the punctuation should have been.

Grammar Man's enthusiasm sometimes gets the better of him, however, with a tendency to use capital letters throughout sentences - as seen in his comments "Grammar Man Strikes Again" and "Punctuation Again".

Have you spotted Grammar Man's graffiti around the Towns? Do you know the mystery man behind the mask? Contact the newsroom on 01634 227840 or email medwaymessenger@thekmgroup.co.uk.

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