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Baby scare for Medway couple Terri Kilcourse and Tom Dennis after hit-and-run crash in Gillingham

By Lizzie Massey

A pregnant woman has told how she feared for her unborn baby after being the victim of a hit-and-run crash in Gillingham.

Terri Kilcourse, 24, was with her boyfriend and his mother when their car was smashed into by a driver who then sped off.

Tom Dennis said he and his girlfriend were beside themselves with worry over potentially losing their first child on Mother's Day.

Pregnant Terri Kilcourse and partner Tom Dennis were beside themselves with worry after a hit-and-run crash

Initially, the mum-to-be could not feel her baby moving and it was not until a hospital picked up a heartbeat that their worst fears were allayed.

Mr Dennis, 24, had just picked Miss Kilcourse up from her mother's house, with his own mother in the car, after taking her to dinner with his brother.

"She was scanned and we heard the heartbeat and it was such a relief..." - Tom Dennis

At 7.30pm, he was driving along Castlemaine Avenue - ending the evening with a cinema trip - when another car collided with them head-on before reversing and making off the way it came.

Mr Dennis, of Scotts Terrace, Chatham, said: "It was such a shock. None of us had ever been involved in an accident before - let alone a hit-and-run.

"At first we were all really, really, worried. While we were waiting for the ambulance, Terri said she couldn't feel the baby moving. We didn't know what damage the impact could have had, but there was nothing we could do.

"As soon as we got to the hospital she was scanned and we heard the heartbeat and it was such a relief.

"They kept her in for observation overnight and but said there wasn't any damage done - it was only then we could relax."

The damage caused to Tom Dennis’ car in Gillingham

Miss Kilcourse is six months' pregnant and the couple have been together for 14 months.

The RBS worker described the moment of impact, saying: "I was just coming up to the junction with Grange Road, so slowed the car down and looked for anything coming when this car just shot round the corner, much faster than it should have been going and hit us head on.

"Our car was shunted back and the other car seemed to pull up so I thought the driver was going to stop and get out. But then it turned and drove back the way it came.

"Some people who lived nearby came out after the noise and were very kind, they brought us all a drink and some blankets to keep warm while we were waiting for the ambulance."

Miss Kilcourse was sitting in the back of the car when it was hit.

She and Mr Dennis' 54-year-old mum, who was in the front, were treated in hospital for bruising and shoulder pains.

Medway couple Tom Dennis and Terri Kilcourse are expecting a baby in June

Mr Dennis, who hurt his back and shoulders, said: "I was far more worried about them than myself at that point.

"So I stayed with them and just went to the GP on Tuesday who gave me some painkillers for my whiplash."

The couple's baby is due in June, but they have chosen not to know the gender.

He added: "We're leaving it as a surprise. We don't mind which sex it is, they both seem pretty good to me."

The offending dark blue car lost part of its body work and has been described as possibly being a VW Golf.

Mr Dennis said: "I didn't get a look at the driver but I think there were two men in the driver and front passenger seats and looked to be in their late teens or early 20s.

"The front of our car is all banged up and it's a complete write off, but until the vehicle and the driver of the other car is found we can't claim it on our insurance - and now don't have a car."

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