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Zib Zob from Marz makes contact with Medway mudlark with message in a bottle washed up in Hoo

By Lizzie Massey

Evidence of extraterrestrial life has been found as a martian appears to make contact in Medway.

An unsuspecting mudlarker, on the hunt for wood and pottery, got the shock of her life when she found a message in a bottle washed ashore - from an "alien".

While the paper and the plastic bottle are certainly Earthly, the other-worldy message read: "Hello you Human, I am Zib Zob and I am from Marz. I have been learning about Humans and How they wright. Zib Zob X".

Zib Zob's letter reads: 'Hello you Human, I am Zib Zob and I am from Marz.'

With a kiss at the end of the letter, and 'Zib Zob's' keenness to learn our ways, it is believed he and his kind mean us no harm.

Dated from April 14, the alien contact reached the shore at Hoo Marine Park this week.

Nicola White, of Shooters Hill, Greenwich, runs a website detailing her finds and artwork she creates from them.

The bottle containing letter from Zib Zob - AKA Hollie Wade and Rose

It was when she was out searching the coast for her next lot of goods with her partner David Nolan, from Hoo, and dog Mischa that she stumbled across the potentially ground-breaking find.

As well as Zib Zob, the letter was also signed by Hollie Wade and Rose.

Nicola White and partner David Nolan in a kayak on the hunt for creative treasures

After investigations failed to turn up anybody by these names who claim to have written the note, we can only assume they are the human aliases of Zib Zob's martian travelling companions.

Miss White, who works in a bank in Marylebone, said: "We love walking along the shore looking for things in the peace and quiet.

"There are not many other people who like to go around looking through rubbish."


She added: "We found our first message about two and a half years ago and I've found 22 of them since then.

"But I've never found a letter from a martian before. I think it's the best message in a bottle yet and I hope he writes again."

On the off-chance the letter is the work of a couple of children, she added: "It's really nice to find messages from children on my hunt and this one is really quaint and very imaginative."

Also found by Nicola White on the day in question

Her finds also include clay pipes, Victorian lead toys, military badges, pottery and jewellery.

Miss White said: "I love the mystery - it's like a little jigsaw of our history and you never know what you'll find. We're finding things from well over 100 years ago."

To explore her finds, visit www.tidelineart.com.

Can you help to find Hollie Wade, Zib Zob and Rose?Email lmassey@thekmgroup.co.uk or call 01634 227835.

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