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Mum Hayley Lamb angry after baby Daisy Skye born stillborn at Medway Maritime Hospital

19 January 2014
by Jenni Horn

But now, instead of cuddling her baby, Hayley is visiting her daughter’s grave.

Daisy Skye was stillborn at 41 weeks, leaving Hayley and partner Luke Collins devastated.

Now the couple, of Hawthorn Road, Strood, are taking legal action against Medway Maritime Hospital as they believe poor care led to Daisy’s death.

Hayley Lamb and Luke Collins

Hayley Lamb and Luke Collins

Miss Lamb was a week overdue when she started suffering pains on the evening of September 4 last year. She rang the maternity unit at the hospital just before 9pm and spoke to a midwife for just over three minutes.

Miss Lamb explained she was overdue and in pain.

She was told to take a paracetamol, have a warm bath and get some rest.

Hayley, who could feel the baby kicking, followed the midwife’s advice and went to bed.

After a sleepless night, Hayley went to hospital the next morning.

When a midwife couldn’t hear her daughter’s heart beating she was sent for a scan and given the devastating news her baby had died.

Medway Maritime Hospital

Medway Maritime Hospital

“They said your baby’s sleeping and at first I thought ‘what does that mean?’, said Hayley. “Then when they told me she had died I was shocked, just devastated.

“Being my first pregnancy I didn’t know I was in labour. When you speak to a midwife you think they know what they are talking about and you trust them. If I had known I was in labour I would have gone straight to the hospital.”

Miss Lamb, who works as a carer in a residential home, made a formal complaint to the hospital but when she failed to get answers, decided to take legal action.

She said: “Through meetings with the hospital I found out the midwife I spoke to hadn’t even made a record of my phone call. I asked how long an assessment over the phone should take and I was told 10 minutes.

“Losing Daisy has made us stronger. But to be honest I haven’t coped very well. No one should have to go though what we went through" - Hayley Lamb

"My phone call lasted three minutes 22 seconds – I still have a record on my phone – and most of that was me talking.”

Miss Lamb and Mr Collins, who have been together for six years, regularly visit Daisy’s grave and decorated it together at Christmas.

“Losing Daisy has made us stronger,” said Hayley. “But to be honest I haven’t coped very well. No one should have to go though what we went through.

We got to have Daisy with us all night but the first thing I heard when I woke up was other babies crying. And then people start talking about post mortems and funerals.

“It just hurts so much. I have always wanted to be a mum so I was over the moon when I fell pregnant. Now I feel like I am in a blur all the time.”

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