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Rejected by Gillingham Poundland for failing drawing test

By Lynn Cox

A woman who applied for a job working on the tills at Poundland claims she didn’t get the post because she failed a drawing test.

Mercedes Cray was one of 18 people to be interviewed for a post at the chain’s new store, which is due to open in Gillingham High Street.

Miss Cray, who lives with her partner in Albany Terrace, Chatham, said all candidates were asked to complete a series of tests held at the town’s Jobcentre.

Mercedes Cray, of Albion Terrace, Chatham, says part of a recent job interview at Poundland was to draw a picture. Picture: Andy Payton

She said: “There was a communication test, another where we had to follow instructions and the last one was a drawing test.

“They (the interviewers) said it didn’t matter if we could not draw and we could just do stickmen if we were not that good at drawing.

Asked to draw a shield with four images of things that were important to her, she drew her family, herself driving a car, a picture of her watching television and relaxing, and a shotgun because guns are something she and her partner are interested in.

She said: “After the last test we were all put in a room and if your name was called out you went into an office and you had got the job.

“I was one of four who didn’t get their name called out and then the interviewer came over and told us we had not go the position based on the last test we did as it was not to their standards.”

Miss Cray, 23, added: “I can’t see why I would need drawing skills to work behind a till and they told us at the beginning it didn’t matter if we couldn’t draw but then they told me I didn’t get the job because I failed that test.

Mercedes was told she didn't get the job because her picture wasn't good enough. Picture: Andy Payton

“I was also a bit upset they told us we were not successful in front of the whole Jobcentre.”

A spokesman for Poundland said: “At Poundland we take recruitment very seriously and apply fair and objective selection criteria.

“Our selection process takes into account a number of factors with the aim of ensuring we offer roles to the right candidates.

“Unfortunately on this occasion, Ms Cray did not meet the essential criteria for the role.”

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