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Crocodile owner Chris Weller in search of mate for pet Caesar for his Rochester home

By KentOnline reporter

A man who shares his bungalow with a 6ft crocodile is appealing for a mate... and she'd better make it snappy.

Wacky Chris Weller, 67, bought massive croc Caesar eight years ago when he was less than 1ft long.

He has since spent more than £20,000 converting his small home so his pet can roam free - including a 9ft pool in the conservatory.

Chris Weller is looking for love for his croc Caesar. Picture: SWNS

But the sharp-toothed reptile is now nearly 6ft long and has recently started bellowing at the top of his lungs in a bid to attract a mate.

In the last few weeks he has upped his search for love and now makes the deafening noise - which sounds like a car starting - every few minutes.

Retired prison officer Chris, who has even moved into his loft to let Caesar have the run of his home, said his pet is love lorn.

Chris, of Westergate Road, Strood,said: "He is shouting for a little friend but he's not likely to get one round here.

Caesar is making noises which suggest he is looking for a mate. Picture: SWNS

"It sounds like a car starting up and he makes it every few minutes. I can hear it when I am upstairs in my loft conversion.

"He just started it this year and it shows that he is more of an adult now. I'm licensed for two crocodiles but the difficulty comes in matching them up size-wise.

"They really have to be the same size and it is difficult to get your hands on a five or six foot crocodile.

"The shops don't really stock them like that - they stock them as babies.

"If someone did come across a female adult that was in need of a new home, I know Caesar would appreciate it. He's got enough room for another one."

Chris keeps Caesar and his reptile pals at his home in Strood. Picture: SWNS

Bachelor Chris dedicates his life to caring for spectacled caiman Caesar, native to the rainforests of central America.

His conservatory is now an 8ft by 9ft pool - complete with decking and plants - and his old dining room has heat lamps for the reptile to bask under.

The croc's living quarters have comfy cushions for him to lounge on and a TV, video player and radio.

He feeds him steaks and salmon, and insists his favourite pet will permit Chris to stroke him - and hasn't bitten him for years.

Eccentric Chris said: "The house is all geared up for Caesar.

"He likes the TV and the radio. His favourite station is Classic FM - all reptiles like classical music, I'm not sure why - and his favourite film is the Lion King. I put that one on for him all the time.

Caesar's unlikely to find a mate at his Strood home. Picture: SWNS

"He eats whenever he likes, and enjoys salmon, trout and rats. I can stroke him when he is in the mood but he soon shows you if he is a bit irritable. He hasn't bitten me for two or three years.

"It sounds like a car starting up and he makes it every few minutes. I can hear it when I am upstairs in my loft conversion" - Chris Weller

"But when he does it can make a bit of a mess. But now he knows I get him the grub - he's not stupid.

"He's actually very careful not to bite me. When I put the food down for him instead of rushing he waits till I've put it down and I'm finished."

Mr Weller had to apply for a dangerous animal licence in order to legally keep Caesar and has to comply with certain hygiene, diet and security requirements.

His home has a sophisticated lock system to prevent the croc from escaping and he had CCTV installed which he can watch from upstairs.

Caesar's species can live for 40 years and typically reach 7ft.

Mr Weller - who also has water monitors, terrapin turtles, parrots, lizards and wood pigeons - said he wouldn't dream of having conventional pets.

Video: Chris Weller with some of his reptile pets in 2010

"I've never wanted to get a cat or a dog," he said. "When you have a home to yourself you think 'Well, why not?' - and just go for it."

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