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Pint glass thrown at drinker at The Goat in Sheerness by Minster man Luke Carey as Tottenham and Arsenal rivalry boils over into violence

06 March 2014
by Keith Hunt

Rivalry between two groups of football fans boiled over into violence as they watched a match on TV at a pub, a court heard.

Tension rose when Tottenham were beating Arsenal in the clash being shown at The Goat pub in Sheerness High Street on March 3 last year.

Wearing a Spurs shirt, drunk Phillip Green went over to the Arsenal fans and a fight broke out.

Violence broke out in The Goat pub in Sheerness

Violence broke out in The Goat pub in Sheerness

But it was a supporter of neither team who ended up in the dock at Maidstone Crown Court after he hurled a pint glass at Mr Green and left him with a deep gash to his head.

But Luke Carey was spared an immediate jail sentence after a judge said he had "read some nice references" about him and it was clear he was now conducting himself properly.

"I don't know why it is the youth of today seem to resolve their problems with violence..." - Judge Charles Byers

The 24-year-old, of Primrose Way, Minster, was sentenced to nine months' imprisonment - suspended for two years - with 175 hours' unpaid work.

Prosecutor Trevor Wright said Mr Green had been knocked to the floor in a scuffle and it was as he got up that Carey, who was with the Arsenal supporters, threw the glass at his head.

An ambulance was called and the four-inch (10cm) long cut was stitched and glued. He was left with a permanent scar.

Carey, who admitted unlawful wounding, explained the attack as being a "red mist".

Judge Charles Byers said Carey had to wait a long time for the matter to be resolved.

Judge Charles Byers at Maidstone Crown Court

Judge Charles Byers has retired because of ill health

"During that time you have behaved in a perfectly sensible and proper fashion," the judge added. "On the night in question, you deliberately threw a glass at another person.

"I have no doubt you have now learnt that is quite wrong. I don't know why it is the youth of today seem to resolve their problems with violence.

"It has got to be understood if that happens in most circumstances there will be an immediate custodial sentence."

The judge said he had seen the CCTV of the incident and the victim was plainly intoxicated.

"If I thought this was related to a football incident I would be extremely severe," he said.

"You were not partisan to either side and at one stage you removed someone from the violence."

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