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Minster Chalet Park residents call for changes to way Royal Mail deliver their post

04 January 2014
by Emma Grove

Minster Chalet Park residents with Allan Hudson (right)

Minster Chalet Park residents with Allan Hudson (right)

Volunteers who collect mail for holiday park residents have decided to hang up their postbags and call for a change to the system.

Allan Hudson, of Laburnum Grove in Minster Chalet Park, says Royal Mail does not deliver post direct to people who live on the site.

He claims this is because Swale council has not registered the postcode of the site in The Broadway and it won’t because it only has 10 months occupancy.

However, the 58-year-old says residents at Parklands Village next door, which is also open for 10 months, do get their post delivered direct.

Mr Hudson is one of five ‘key-holders’ for Minster Chalet Park who have access to a central box where Royal Mail puts the post.

They collect it every morning and dish it out to their neighbours in each road.

After taking the issue up with the sorting office in Sheerness, Mr Hudson has said he was told the current method of collection is illegal as volunteers should not handle mail.

This, and the fact that in the past post has gone missing, has led to volunteers calling for a change as they no longer want to be held accountable if there are any problems.

They want all residents to get their mail delivered direct to their door as they pay their rates like everyone else and believe this is a service they are entitled to.

Grandad-of-one Mr Hudson said: “It’s archaic. The park next door is no different and they get their mail delivered direct.

Royal Mail logo

Royal Mail logo

“If I’m not a resident, why am I paying out?“I’m a full-blown tax-payer, I have to register to vote and I fill out a census.

“It’s just bureaucracy.”

The retired prison officer said he did suggest to the park they dedicate a room to install locked pigeon holes for each chalet-owner so the Royal Mail could deliver to there, but so far no changes have been made.

Minster Chalet Park closes until March 1, and Mr Hudson said from that date they would like alternative arrangements in place as the volunteers will no longer be collecting and delivering.

Park manager Joan Browning says she is sympathetic with the residents’ problem and was hoping to find a solution.

She said: “I agree with the tenants because they do need to have their post delivered to them.

“I have tried to get something done for them but I have hit a blank wall every time and haven’t been able to get anywhere and seem to get get shifted from pillar to post.

“With the pigeon hole idea it would have to go to our board and it would be a decision for them, but I would hope that Royal Mail will have resolved the issue when we reopen in March.”

Royal Mail spokesman Mike Norman said that following the issues raised, the company would be looking into whether the system can be changed.

He said: “Mail deliveries at Minster Chalet Park are currently made to a central point, in agreement with the site owners.

“Our operational team will review these procedures and assess if current arrangements need to be amended.”

Swale council was unavailable for comment.

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