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Mistletoe Drive resident slams Kent Highways' traffic inactivity for Minster's Thistle Hill estate

By Emma Grove

A fed up home-owner has slammed Kent Highways after it failed to offer a solution to traffic congestion on a busy estate because there isn’t enough of an accident record.

Tony Lambkin lives on the Thistle Hill development in Minster, and said the problems on Thistle Hill Way and around the hospital in Plover Road were getting worse.

The 24-year-old, who has been a resident of Mistletoe Drive for five years, said the abundant parked vehicles caused blockages that stopped the traffic flow and made it impossible to see oncoming cars.

A petition's been launched due to concerns about parking and traffic flow on the Thistle Hill estate in Minster
A petition's been launched due to concerns about parking and traffic flow on the Thistle Hill estate in Minster

He said the fact that the road was a bus route only made it more difficult to negotiate, and that the opening of a new school next year could make the situation even worse.

The electrician has contacted the authority to highlight the issue, but was told that cuts to funding and services meant Kent Highways had to prioritise which improvements were delivered, and areas where there was a pattern of crashes over the past three years would come first.

The letter he received said officers had checked the crash record for Thistle Hill Way and because there had been no recorded ‘parking-related incidents’ in the past three years it is not a safety problem.

But Mr Lambkin said it was not right to use accident records for a new estate.

“We were led to believe when we first moved here there would not be an issue with this kind of thing because everyone had two parking spaces,” he said.

“I just feel we are being fobbed off. They have given a lot of gobbledegook about why they can’t do it but they are just going on the crash record.

“It’s a new estate, so that’s not the best way. They need to go and look at the problem.

“It’s the safety issue of it, and the school will increase the traffic and there will be kids around.”

To view an online petition set up by Mr Lambkin, go to www.ipetitions.com and search Minster, Kent.

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