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Ansra Mahmud jailed for raping woman in Sheerness

A married father who raped an extremely drunk woman out celebrating her birthday has been jailed for over eight years.

Ansra Mahmud claimed the victim consented to sex in a courtyard after he stopped to help her.

But a judge said the 35-year-old chef told “a repulsive pack of lies” and branded the attack “wicked”.

Ansra Mahmud
Ansra Mahmud
Mahmud has been jailed after the rape in Sheerness
Mahmud has been jailed after the rape in Sheerness

Mahmud ripped open the woman’s playsuit at the rear of a restaurant where he worked in Sheerness in July last year.

She was so inebriated she had not been able to walk, vomited several times and would have been more than three times the legal drink-drive limit, a jury at Maidstone Crown Court was told.

Prosecutor Martin Yale said the woman could recall telling Mahmud “No” as he tried to kiss her.

He picked her up and lay her on the concrete floor in the courtyard of the Royal Bengal restaurant in the High Street.

“He tried kissing me and I didn’t kiss back,” she told police. “I didn’t feel like I could move. I felt him trying to get into my playsuit and I remember saying ‘No’, but I just felt I couldn’t move.

“I remember he was over me and that’s where it just goes blank. I don’t know if I passed out but it just goes blank.”

Mahmud is now behind bars
Mahmud is now behind bars

She next recalled waking up on the back seat of a car being asked where she lived.

The next morning she felt sore as if she had had sex and her playsuit gusset was ripped.

“I had flashbacks of what I could remember and the last thing was him over me,” she said.

Mahmud at first denied having intercourse with the woman, but after his DNA was found in a medical examination of her he claimed she consented.

“It is clear from the facts that she didn’t consent to sexual intercourse and by the time he began to rape her she was too incapacitated to even be in a position to consent,” said Mr Yale.

One witness said the victim was not just paralytic, but paralysed through drink.

Jailing Mahmud for eight years and three months, Judge Charles Macdonald QC told Mahmud, from Bow, east London: “I can’t be sure you abducted her intending to rape her, but what is clear is that after arriving at the closed and dark restaurant you decided to rape her.

“You then enlisted help to get her home, not for any humane motive but to reduce the risk of your detection. The victim impact was severe. It was a wicked crime.”

Mahmud’s name will be on the sex offenders’ register indefinitely.

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