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Councillors approve plan for 20mph speed limit in Queenborough

By Poppy Jeffery

The whole of Queenborough could be set to become a 20mph zone – which would make it the first town in Kent to adopt the speed limit on all its roads.

Swale councillors recommend the lower limit is imposed across the town to improve public health by encouraging people to walk and cycle.

Kent County Council (KCC) has earmarked 45 roads in Queenborough and Halfway where drivers' speeds could be restricted.

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20mph. Picture: Thinkstock Image Library.
20mph. Picture: Thinkstock Image Library.

The plan was discussed at the latest meeting of the Joint Transportation Board at Swale House in East Street, Sittingbourne.

Original proposals for Queenborough saw all residential streets except Main Road and North Road adopting the change, but Cllr Cameron Beart (Queenborough and Halfway) pointed out the need to include them.

He said: “Would it not be sensible to include those and make the whole of Queenborough a 20mph zone?

"Because then you would only need to put up three change of speed signs and the whole town could be 20mph.

"Main Road and North Road do have quite serious problems with parking.

“When people come through there, a lot of people lose wing mirrors and if you meet someone coming the other way you can’t get through so it would be great to slow people down.”

Cllr Cameron Beart in Western Avenue, Halfway, which could see the speed limit reduced to 20mph
Cllr Cameron Beart in Western Avenue, Halfway, which could see the speed limit reduced to 20mph

This idea was agreed unanimously by all councillors present, who voted to support the plans, including the main routes through the town.

However, there was debate over plans for Halfway, with roads such as Queenborough Road, Minster Road, and Halfway Road being missed off the proposed zone after traffic surveys were carried out.

But a number of councillors agreed that making drivers on the A250 obey the lower speed limit would not be a good idea.

The 20mph zone proposals for Halfway were progressed on the recommendation other routes in the area, including smaller estate roads, are re-examined by officers.

The scheme is being funded by a share of £50,000 allocated countywide to 20mph areas.

It will now be up to KCC’s highways to decide whether to implement the new speed limits, which would be enforced by the police.

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