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Missing parrot found dead in Sheerness not rock 'n' roll parrot Blue after he disappeared from Minster home of owner Karen Norris

By Lewis Dyson

There has been a sinister new twist in the saga of a missing parrot which sings rock 'n' roll tunes and mimics the sound of an exploding bomb.

This morning a dead African Grey was passed over to Karen Norris, after it was found on grass in Rule Court, St George's Avenue, Sheerness, yesterday by a passerby.

She has been searching for her beloved Blue after it dive-bombed her son and escaped out of the back door of her home in Copland Avenue, Minster, last week.

A parrot spotted on the sea wall on Sheerness seafront - but flew away before it could be collected

After the body was handed into the police station, staff originally called the owners of a grey parrot reported stolen from a home in Queensway, Sheerness, on July 30.

But they claimed it was not their missing pet and staff contacted Blue's owner after reading the story on KentOnline.

Mrs Norris was later contacted and went to the station to collect it.

But on closer inspection when she got home she discovered it was not the one she was looking for.

She said: "I took it for granted that it must be Blue but when I took it out I thought 'I'm sure that's not Blue'.

"The ring on the foot has markings on it so I spoke to the people who owned him before me and they said his ring didn't have anything on it.

Blue the African grey parrot had gone missing from his Minster home

"So my Blue is still out there somewhere."

Owner Karen Norris took him on four months ago from his previous owner, who has cerebral palsy.

The grandmother-of-two is the boy's carer and agreed to look after the pet, which is 10 years old, because it was causing him breathing problems.

Speaking before his death, Mrs Norris said: "I feel really bad because I said he could come and see him whenever he wants to so I'd really like to get him back.

"Blue is semi-tame. He'll come up to women, but he doesn't particularly like men. If he is seen he can be quite vicious.

"He is likely to come to me so we can get the cage round there.

"He doesn't like my son. I had him loose in the house at the time and he was sitting on top of the door.

African grey parrot Blue was a much-loved family member

"He dive-bombed my son and he just sort of missed and flew out the back door."

The parrot is believed to have gone in the direction of Sheppey Community Hospital in Plover Road, Minster.

An African grey, believed to be breakaway bird Blue, was spotted on Monday morning on the seawall near the sandpit off Beach Street, Sheerness.

A local pet shop owner was called to collect the bird, but it had already flown away.

Mystery still surrounds the identity of the dead parrot.

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