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Minster tot, Ezmae Catley, is recovering after operation for vomiting problem

By Lewis Dyson

A poorly tot has had an operation to prevent her persistent vomiting.

Ezmae Catley underwent fundoplication surgery at Evelina Children’s Hosptial in London - a procedure whereby the upper end of the stomach is wrapped around the lower portion of the oesophagus.

It is hoped this will stop the two-year-old, who has epilepsy, brain damage and dystonia, being sick every day; she has suffered from reflux from the age of six months.

Ezmae Catley has dystonia, epilepsy and brain damage
Ezmae Catley has dystonia, epilepsy and brain damage

She is nil by mouth as she cannot suck or swallow, so all of her medicine and feed go into her bowel directly.

Ezmae is now back home and doing well.

She was kept in intensive care as a precaution after the procedure, which had been postponed after she caught chickenpox.

Mum Claire Morrish said it had been “so far, so good”, after being told by doctors there was a 40% chance of the procedure not working.

The 33-year-old said: “We have tried all different avenues, and the hospital decided she needed to have the operation.

“She isn’t being sick any more. We were really apprehensive at first because I hadn’t heard any good reports from any of the parents I had spoken to, and I just thought I had to look past it.

“Just because it hadn’t worked for their children doesn’t mean it won’t work for Ezmae.

“Me and my partner wanted to do it because she was suffering so much every day. Even if it helps a little bit, it’s something we had to do for her.”

Ms Morrish said she was “100% glad” her daughter went through with the procedure.

A charity karaoke event at Queenborough Social Club on May 3 raised £100 that will go towards equipment Ezmae will need for the rest of her life.

Organiser Kolene Tong said: “We had a great response. There were 20 entrants in total and nine finalists, and it was really good fun.”

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