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Minster Primary School continues to look for a solution to parking problems at its Minster Road, Minster, entrance

09 March 2014
by Emma Grove

We have been reporting how there is a continuing problem with parents stopping in Minster Road, outside Minster primary.

They have been leaving their cars on the yellow zig-zag lines, over paths and driveways and on grass verges.

No solution yet to Minster Primary School's parking problems

No solution yet to Minster Primary School's parking problems

It is said to be gridlock at drop-off and pick-up times and there are fears of an accident.

Last month we reported how taxi driver Tony Stevens had suggested opening up the Brecon Chase entrance to the school, allowing parents to drive through and drop their children in the grounds before exiting onto Bellevue Road.

However, the school says this is not practical.

Parent Teacher Association member and data manager Karen Nixon said: “Our first and main concern is for the health and safety of our children.

“If you drive from Brecon Chase to Bellevue, we have a nursery on the way and an entrance to our lower playground.

“That’s an accident waiting to happen and it would create havoc for people that live that side of the school.”

Mrs Nixon said they are still trying to come up with a solution to the problem.

A Bellevue Road resident also got in touch and agrees that that suggestion would not work.

Dennise Bennett said: “In answer to the suggestion by Mr Stevens – has he ever tried to get into or out of Bellevue Road during the school run? As most of the house owners cannot.

“Parents do not just drop off the children, they take them into the classrooms, and have a chat with others parents, so how would in- one-gate-out-of-another work?

“I think there should be only one entrance open in Brecon Chase with parents having to park in the Abbey car park only.

“Surely such a short walk to the school gates is acceptable, or encourage the parents and children to walk to school, as we had to.”

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