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Sheerness Docks flies the Sheppey flag as two more film shoots take place at the Port of Sheerness

By Lewis Dyson

Sheerness Docks’ reputation as a popular filming location is growing after it hosted a new music video and a car advert.

Footage for the song Late, by indie band Arthur Beatrice, was recently captured there and at other locations on Sheppey.

The video depicts the relationship between a male dock worker and a woman who works at a launderette. The crew also filmed at Steam-In Dry Cleaners in the town and at homes in Leysdown.

Cinematographer Steve Annis and director George Belfort filming in Sheerness Docks
Cinematographer Steve Annis and director George Belfort filming in Sheerness Docks

Director George Belfort, who came across the Island after his dad moved to Conyer, near Teynham , said: “I really love the dramatic landscapes and skies of Sheppey, particularly where the industrial structures meet the natural beauty of the area.

“It felt really good to play an intimate story in such an epic location. Filming was great. Everyone was incredibly friendly and helpful. We even cast a local man on the day , Nigel, who was brilliant. It was a real pleasure to meet such nice and hospitable people.”

An advert of the latest Seat car model went up on the website YouTube on March 19 under the title the Extreme Simulator.

It features two Seat fans who were invited to enter a machine under the pretence that it would recreate the conditions inside the new Leon Cupra.

Once inside, the back of the simulator falls down, revealing they are unaware they are actually in the back of the new car.

The two men are then unaware as they go on a high-speed chase around Sheerness Docks because the windows are blacked out.

The car stops by edge of a dock before the two men get out and are shown they were in a car all along.

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