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Sheerness play park repaired after boy, 4, injured falling from a climbing frame due to vandals breaking wooden slats

By Emma Grove

A mum whose son was hurt after falling through play equipment at a popular family spot says it needs to be checked more regularly.

Swale council says vandals caused the damage at the sandpit in Beachfields Park – they smashed up the climbing frame leaving some of the wood slats which form the bridge missing.

Lauren Deadman had taken her four-year-old Ethan to the attraction in Sheerness last Monday.

Missing slats from the play equipment at Beachfields Park

He ran ahead and climbed up the ladder next to the slide and as he reached the top, moved to the side of the wooden to bridge to let another child pass and fell straight through.

The youngster landed on the sand below and was screaming and crying after bumping his head, banging his arm, scraping his knee and suffering a few grazes.

Miss Deadman, of St Agnes Gardens, Sheerness, said: “It was more than 6ft he fell but he’s fine thank goodness.

“It’s terrible – there was nothing to suggest the equipment was damaged and you couldn’t see any [slats] were missing.

“There were lots of children of all ages playing there.”

The play equipment at Beachfields Park off Bridge Road, Sheerness

The 28-year-old said as she was consoling her son, another mum approached her and said she had been forced to clear up a used syringe from the area a few days previously.

She reported it to the council and was told the site is checked three times a week.

The equipment has since been fixed.

“They need to police it more – I don’t think three times a week is enough especially at this time of year during the holidays when the sandpit is busy all day everyday,” she added.

A spokesman for Swale said: “Following a visit from an environment warden, one or two wooden slats had been removed but these have now been replaced and the play area is open again.

“The area is being checked on a regular basis and local police have been kept up to date with the situation.”

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