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Sustainable Sheppey's energy saving experts can help you spend less and support the environment

18 May 2014
by Lewis Dyson

Nadira Moreea and Danny Lenain are green doctors for the Big Lottery funded Sustainable Sheppey project and are there to give out advice on how to save power and water.

They can also give out money-saving freebies and answer residents’ questions about climate change.

Nadira Moreea and Danny Lenain are Sustainable Sheppey's green doctors

Nadira Moreea and Danny Lenain are Sustainable Sheppey's green doctors

The green doctors work for environmental charity Groundwork South which has been running for more than 25 years.

Homeowners and tenants are eligible for free visits.

The type of advice the duo can provide include ways to pay for energy, how to switch to a cheaper suppliers and the availability of benefits and grants to improve insulation and energy efficiency in the home.

Miss Moreea, who has worked in environmental roles since leaving university, said: “All the residents that I go to see are really positive about the visits and they really appreciate the advice and the freebies and I think they are starting to realise the small changes they can make in their homes can make a difference, not only to their bills, but also to the environment as well.”

She said the green doctors have already been out to about 250 homes since January.

The freebies alone, which include an LED lightbulb, a power plug to turn the TV off standby and radiator panels, can cut more than £40 from fuel bills and stop up to 168 kg of CO2 emissions in a year.

The green doctors aim to save each household up to £240 a year and prevent up to one ton of CO2 from entering the atmosphere.

If you would like to book a green doctor visit, call 01795 434222, or email

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