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Sittingbourne Community College pupil Ethan Baber returns to school after hit-and-run accident at Queenborough Corner

30 January 2014
by Emma Grove

Last week we reported how Ethan Baber was hurt after being hit by a car as it left the forecourt at Queenborough Corner garage.

It happened last Tuesday morning when the 12-year-old, of Stanley Avenue, Queenborough, was on his way to catch a bus to Sittingbourne Community College.

The battered face of Ethan Baber, 12, who was knocked down by a car at Queenborough Corner garage

The battered face of Ethan Baber, 12, who was knocked down by a car at Queenborough Corner garage

The motorist drove off after the collision but, after a media appeal, he came forward the next day and was questioned by officers.

A spokesman said the investigation is on-going and that police are continuing to gather evidence and will interview the driver at a later date.

After the incident, Ethan still managed to get on the bus to school but was then taken to Medway Maritime Hospital, Gillingham,

It was feared he had suffered a fractured cheek but X-rays showed he had concussion, severe bruising and a badly cut lip.

He went back to school on Friday.

The Queenborough Corner junction where schoolboy Ethan Baber was injured

Queenborough Corner

His mum Aileen said the trauma has had an impact on the family as they are all more worried about the children but that the support they have had has been brilliant.

“Ethan is doing well but still has a sore mouth,” she said.

“I worried about him all day on Friday but the school has been fantastic and have kept an eye on him for me.

“His younger sister has now become a bit more worried about catching the bus to secondary school in September so I’ve had to reassure her that it’s not an everyday occurrence.

“It does put you on edge more sending them out the door in the morning and praying they will be OK.

“People have been so lovely – we’ve been stopped by people we don’t even know to ask how he’s doing and to wish him well.”

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