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Swale police come clean over mysterious markings outside your house

By John Nurden

Social media has been rife with warnings about strange chalk signs which have been appearing outside people's homes.

They hint the mysterious markings have been left by thieves casing the joint and leaving messages for colleagues.

According to conspiracy theorists the signs indicate the chances of a successful burglary.

The strange markings explained...
The strange markings explained...

A cross means a good target.

A circle with a cross in it means there is nothing worth taking.

A drawing of a lock means the propery is too risky.

And a series of small circles indicates a wealthy owner.

The strange markings explained...
The strange markings explained...

But police in Swale have scotched the rumours - revealing the real reasons behind the signs.

They say most are made by council employees or workers from utility companies like the gas, electricity and telephone suppliers.

The cross actually means the location of a water pipe below ground.

The circle with a cross in it marks the position of a new lamppost.

The lock drawing means a loose manhole cover, for instance, needs securing.

And the collection of circles represents the number of cables in an underground duct.

The new table has been dubbed the Da Pinchi Code myth.

A police spokesman said: "Social media suggests these are criminal markings at properties that thieves plan to target in the future. But this is what they mean in reality."

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