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Sheppey pointers, Jamie and Abby, do their owner proud at Crufts in the veteran categories

21 March 2014
by Lewis Dyson

Abby came third in the veteran bitch category while Jamie came second in the veteran dog contest.

The dogs, which are both seven years old, have appeared at shows since they were puppies.

Christine Naden and her pointers Jamie and Abby

Christine Naden and her pointers Jamie and Abby

Abby – show name Wychwood Midsummer Dream – took the bronze medallion despite having a small scar from a broken leg six years ago. Judges closely inspect the animals’ appearances after they do a run of the famous agility course.

Owner Christine Naden, of Elmley Road, Brambledown, said: “The vet did such a good job that the scar is so minimal. She still is sound as a bell.

“I have found that, with my dogs, they are what we call slow maturers. They are more successful when they are older. Some breeding lines are like that.

“I would always prefer to win but it wasn’t like I could hold my head in shame.”

She added the dog that beat Jamie – show name is Wychwood Love Over Gold – was an international champion.

Mrs Naden had also previously judged the two bitches that finished above Abby at competitions before so she did not feel aggrieved.

The 66-year-old owns six pointers and has bred two previous show winners.

One of them was Jamie’s mother and Abby’s grandmother, Lizzie, which was black and white, while the other, Lilly, was liver and white.

Jamie and Abby are now Mrs Naden’s last hopes of getting an orange and white pointer show champion before she bows out from competitions.

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