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Teynham mum-of-nine Cheryl Prudham who sparked council house outrage is pregnant again with twins

By KentOnline reporter

A Kent mother-of-nine who receives £38,000-a-year in handouts has revealed she is pregnant again - with TWINS.

Cheryl Prudham, 32, caused outrage last October when she demanded Swale council hand her and husband Robert a bigger home.

But the couple were still moved from their cramped three-bed home in Teynham to a five-bedroom semi with a large back garden in Gravesend.

Cheryl and Robert Prudham
Cheryl and Robert Prudham

Now their benefits are expected to raise by another £1,400-a-year after part-time carer Cheryl admitted she was pregnant again.

Cheryl today said it was "no one's business" if she went on to have 10 more children.

She disputes the figure she receives in handouts - which is made up of working tax credits, rent paid for by the council, child benefit and child tax credits.

Cheryl said: "I work caring in the community every night for the elderly, a job a lot of people couldn't do.

"The figures for benefits are false. I don't wish to state how much we earn, and the ins and outs of finances, as that is no one's business.

"I never said I didn't like my house. I said I would've preferred to stay in Sittingbourne as that was home, but we did the exchange to here as we wouldn't have been rehoused there.

"We are proud of our family - all the children are Robert's. We are proud that we have nine children and are excited to be having the twins as well to complete our family.

"Lastly, none of our children were mistakes, they were all planned and all very much wanted and loved."

She confirmed the house exchange was through Facebook.

The Prudhams in their previous Teynham home
The Prudhams in their previous Teynham home

The parents first demanded a bigger home last year after hearing about other families who had landed huge properties.

They repeatedly bid for new council homes through Kent Homechoice - which works alongside Kent County Council.

However, they were left furious when they were turned down by the authority.

Instead they agreed a house swap with another family who wanted to downsize.

Both Cheryl and husband Robert work as part time carers and said working 20 hours a week entitled them to a new home.

Speaking last year, Cheryl said: "I see other people in the paper and it makes me sick. They shouldn't just get a new home handed to them on a plate.

"It gives people with big families a bad name. I don't want people to judge us because we have so many children.

"If I sat on my arse I would understand people would have something to say. We would probably earn more on benefits."

Cheryl Prudham at home
Cheryl Prudham at home

Cheryl and husband Rob split the day by working 20-hours a week each, which brings in a total of just under £1,400-a-month.

Their wages are topped up with £70-a-week in working tax credits while their £123-a-week rent is paid for by the council.

The pair also receive £7,326-a-year in child benefit and £400-a-week in child tax credits.

It means the pair's annual income is £52,722 - £38,000 of which is benefits - which is £18,000 more than the average working UK household.

Now they are due to receive an additional £1,400 in child tax credits each year for the birth of twins.

The pregnancy comes just a few months after the couple bragged on Facebook they were going on a two-week holiday paid for by the taxpayer.

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