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Conman Curtis Mulcare steals £1,700 from disabled victim after offering to provide prostitute in Thanet

By Paul Hooper

Conman Curtis Mulcare won the confidence of a disabled Thanet man - and then fleeced him of nearly £1,700...by offering him a hooker!

The devious door-to-door salesman lured his unsuspecting victim into talking about his sex life... and then offered to arrange a visit from a prostitute.

But each time a woman turned up – she “kept making her excuses” and left without any sex taking place.

The case was heard at Canterbury Crown Court
The case was heard at Canterbury Crown Court

Instead the 38-year-old crook took the man’s bankcard for payment for the £50 “sessions” but took out sums of up to £250 a time in the sex scam, Canterbury Crown Court heard.

Father-of-three Mulcare, of Dane Hill, Margate winked at his partner who was sat in the public gallery after a judge jailed him for eight months for theft.

Prosecutor Richard Germain told how Mulcare – calling himself ‘John’ met the victim while selling door to door.

Judge Heather Norton heard how he befriended the wheelchair-bound man who confessed that since his crash he was living a lonely life.

The prosecutor said Mulcare then turned the conversation towards sex – getting the man to admit he hadn’t had sex since the accident years earlier.

It was then that Mulcare offered to provide a prostitute for £50 – and took the credit card to take out payment.

But as the woman - who has not been charged with any offence – made her excuses to avoid sex, Mulcare was milking the man’s bank account.

Judge Heather Norton
Judge Heather Norton

In a month – in July and August last year – he took £1,650, almost twice the amount the victim received in income.

“Eventually the victim told the police and was able to pick out Mulcare after being shown police mugshots.

“Mulcare was arrested and told police that he had entered into an arrangement with the man to provide prostitutes and all the money he took was with his victim’s agreement, “ he added.

Mulcare, who has previous convictions for theft and robbery, was also given a suspended jail sentence in 2011 for taking blank cheques from vulnerable people he met during his door-to-door selling.

Niall Doherty, defending, claimed Mulcare had “just offered to help out” after befriending his vulnerable victim.

“It got complicated and it (the sex) didn’t happen and the defendant shouldn’t have withdrawn the money. He is now ashamed of what he did and is very remorseful.”

Mr Doherty said Mulcare, who had planned to get a job teaching boxing to youngsters in Margate, took the money because of his “addiction” problems.

“He lived alone and as a result of serious injuries he sustained in a road traffic accident some years ago is wheelchair-bound and suffering from short-term memory loss" - Judge Heather Norton

Judge Norton said the victim was “on any view an extremely vulnerable man”.

She told Mulcare: “He lived alone and as a result of serious injuries he sustained in a road traffic accident some years ago is wheelchair-bound and suffering from short-term memory loss.

“You befriended him and gained his trust and in due course asked him what he did for sex.

"You told him you could arrange for a woman to visit him and it would cost him £50 for each visit.

“In due course a woman did visit on a number of occasions, although sexual intercourse never took place. Each time, the woman made her excuses and left, “ she added.

The judge added that she suspected that Mulcare and the woman had conspired to defraud the victim – although he was only ever charged with theft.

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