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X-ray finds heroin inside drug dealer Naomi Long after raid on Chatham Street in Ramsgate

By Paul Hooper

When doctors examined the X-rays of fall victim Naomi Long they were looking for possible bone fractures.

What they found were lots of illegal drugs hidden....in a very intimate place!

The 33-year-old Margate drugs pusher had stashed the illicit bag between her legs as she fled a police raid on a house in Chatham Street, Ramsgate.

Doctors examine x-rays. File picture: Jochen Sand
Doctors examine x-rays. File picture: Jochen Sand

But Canterbury Crown Court heard how she plunged through a window and plummeted to the concrete ground during the incident in September last year.

Prosecutor Trevor Wright told how she was taken to the QEQM Hospital for X-rays and the 53 tablets and two “marble-size lumps of heroin were found concealed inside her.

He said that three months earlier in June officers had also searched another house in Cliffe Terrace for drugs...and as they did people began knocking on the window.

PC Holt opened the window to a man who was holding money out, but when he was told he was talking to a policeman the cash was immediately returned to his pocket. He then scarpered!

Minutes later another man called "Bill" arrived knocking on the window and said: “Can I have a light and brown for £15?”..he then left as well.

Judge Adele Williams at Canterbury Crown Court
Judge Adele Williams at Canterbury Crown Court

Police later took away a variety of Class A, B and C drugs including crack cocaine, heroin and skunk cannabis and £140 in cash.

Long, who admitted seven drugs supplying and possession charges, was also involved in street muggings with her friend Jose Maia, 29.

Both lived in Grove Road, Ramsgate.

Mr Wright told how in March the two demanded mobile phones from three terrified schoolgirls in Leopold Street carpark, Ramsgate.

The following day Maia attacked a 17-year-old lad demanding his phone and then committed fraud by selling it at a local shop.

The case was heard at Canterbury Court
The case was heard at Canterbury Court

Then in London Road, Ramsgate, 21-year-old Simon Smith was targeted as he travelled on a bus and was robbed of both of his phones after Long claimed she had a knife.

Simon Taylor for Long – who has a 67-offence long criminal record - said her life had been about selling drugs, robberies and prostitution.

Judge Adele Williams jailed her for five years for the robberies and drugs offences, telling her: “You thought you would make good your escape through a window.

“But you were injured and when you were X-rayed some of the drugs were
found concealed in your vagina.”

Maia was jailed for three-and-a-half years. He admitted charges of robbery, fraud and asked for another offence to be taken into consideration.

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