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Ramsgate: Pizza 555 premises licence to be reviewed by TDC on police request

By Katie Davis

The premises licence held by one of four men found guilty of the gang rape of a 16-year-old is up for review by Thanet council's licensing sub committee.

An application has been received from police for the review of the premises licence held by restaurant boss Tamim Rahmani who took part in the attack in the flat above the pizza and kebab shop in Northwood Road, Ramsgate.

The application was made by police chief inspector Sharon Adley.

The 555 takeaway in Ramsgate. Picture: Google.
The 555 takeaway in Ramsgate. Picture: Google.

The grounds stated for review by the police on the TDC agenda are:

"The Police feel that the licensing objective of:

The Prevention of Crime and Disorder,

The Prevention of Public Safety,

The Prevention of Public Nuisance and

The Protection of Children from Harm,

have been breached in the most serious of terms. The Police feel that only revocation of this premises licence will ensure that the licensing objectives are met."

Written in support of the application, police wrote: "Tamin Rahmani is the premises licence holder of 555 Pizza, Northwood Road, Ramsgate.

"Where a serious sexual assault took place at the accommodation above the premises.

"Of which Rahmani had control over.

"Rahmani the premises licence holder is now a convicted rapist.

The teenager was attacked above a takeaway. Stock image
The teenager was attacked above a takeaway. Stock image

"This offence was carried out on a young vulnerable female who was lost and has trusted Rahmani and the three other males, they implied that they would help her but have then abused that level of trust in the gravest way possible and repeatedly raped this female.

"After the ordeal the female was told to leave and left on her own.

"The female has left scared, lost and has sought refuge by someone who has helped her.

"The premises licence has stayed in Rahmani's name for this whole time.

"No effort from him or his family in getting this changed.

"He is eminently not a suitable person to hold any premises licence.

"Following the arrest and ongoing court case, there has been significant public interest in the premises.

"Police have been called to demonstrations outside the premises and have concerns regarding future demonstrations and the potential for future disorder outside.

"The premises are under control of a convicted rapist.

"In the circumstance above it cannot be allowed to continue to operate under its existing licence as there has been arguably the most serious breach of all four licencing objectives."

The attack took place in September last year as the 16-year-old was heading home and the men were returning from a night out.

She had turned to them for directions and after promising to help her they instead guided her to the flat above the shop.

The licence will be reviewed on Thursday, August 17.

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