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Ramsgate mum Nadine Little's horror after pet King Charles spaniel has eye gouged out in savage attack in Westcliffe park

By Peter Barnett

A mum watched in horror as her pet King Charles spaniel had its eye gouged out in a savage dog attack in Ramsgate.

Nadine Little desperately battled to put her beloved dog's eye back in place after the biting.

Incredibly, the attack was captured on camera by a remote-controlled model helicopter.

Ramsgate mum Nadine Little and her injured pet dog Lola

Miss Little, 25, said: "It was horrible. I was on the ground crying and trying to put my dog's eye back."

The attack on three-year-old Lola by a border collie happened at Westcliffe park as both dogs were off their leads.

Miss Little, a part-time carer who is about to begin training as a nurse, issued a warning to other pet owners.

"She went up to a dog all excited to say 'hello' and then she came home with only one eye..." - dog owner Nadine Little

She said: "I really didn't think border collies were that type of dog. It wasn't as if it was a bull mastiff. I was shocked.

"Parents should be warned about not letting their children approach dogs like that."

She rushed Lola to the surgery at Pets At Home, in Westwood Cross, after the attack on the afternoon on Wednesday, June 11.

But despite an emergency operation, the vet was unable to save the dog's eye.

The treatment has cost Miss Little, of Norman Road, more than £600.

She said: "I asked the other dog's owner for a contribution, but he said as both dogs were off their leads he wasn't liable.

"I don't think Lola realises what has happened. She went up to a dog all excited to say 'hello' and then she came home with only one eye."

Video: A remote-controlled model helicopter catches the attack on camera

Miss Little added: "Luckily my nine-year-old son Mason was at school at the time. I have tried to play it down for him but I burst into tears when he suggested we buy Lola a glass eye.

"He was very distraught when she started bumping into things."

Police have been informed about the attack.

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