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Two women suffering from spider bites in Tonbridge, may have been bitten by a false widow spider

By Kent Messenger reporter

False widow spiders may have struck in Tonbridge.

One woman, who lives in the area, suffered a bite to her arm, and one on her leg, while dozing in her chair.

A regular in the woman's pub, tweeted a photo of the nasty bite today.

Tonbridge Poker Face (@tpokerface) said they suspected it was the work of a false widow spider, although this has not been confirmed.

The bite as shown on Twitter. Picture: @tpokerface

Chloe Harding, of Gardyne Mews also took to Twitter to share a picture of what she believes to be a false widow spider in her house, after discovering a bite just below her knee.

The 24-year-old said: "I assumed the bite was from a mosquito but it was sore and swollen and nothing like I'd had before. It also really ached.

"Then I saw the spider in my bedroom and later it crawled out into the kitchen, when I looked closely I realised it was a false widow.

"I've seen other pictures and compared to some people I think I'm lucky."

Chloe Harding, 24, found this spider on her wall on Saturday after discovering a bite
Chloe initially thought the bite was from a mosquito until she saw the spider on her wall

There were a number of reports of the spiders being seen in Kent last year, including in Herne Bay, Ashford and Gillingham.

The harm caused by a bite from a false widow can vary depending on how much venom is injected.

It can cause chest pains, severe swelling and fingers tingling. It is Britain's most venomous spider.

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