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Tonbridge man, John Hall, sentenced to 12 months imprisonment after selling drugs to school children

By Annabel Rusbridge-Thomas

A man who sold cannabis to school children from his home has been jailed.

John Hall, 37, has been sentenced to 12 months in prison after selling the drug from his property in Nelson Avenue, Tonbridge.

He sold £10 and £20 bags but was caught earlier this year when police patrolling the area became suspicious of activity around the property.

The case was heard at Maidstone Crown Court

Officers stopped a group of male teenagers after smelling cannabis on Saturday February 15.

They had been seen entering and leaving Hall's home. Cannabis was found in a bag with a union jack on it.

After being searched one of the boys was found to be carrying the drugs in his hand, and a short time later another teenager was seen stuffing something down the front of his trousers as he walked away from Hall's residence.

All the youths stopped by police were under the age of 16.

Officers arrested two men. Stock picture

Police entered Hall's property and arrested him for possessing cannabis with intent to supply.

Hall admitted there were drugs in his bedroom and 27 grams of cannabis were seized along with union jack bags that matched one discovered just minutes before.

Officers also recovered £1,014 cash, which has been confiscated, and a mobile phone which contained text messages about Hall’s illegal activities.

Examples of messages sent to Hall’s phone included ‘John it’s me, the little one who bought off ya, cheers for the gear mate’ and one from a person requesting cannabis, which included the line "I'm leaving school in a minute".

"Hall's actions were simply deplorable. He did not care who he supplied cannabis to, regardless of their age" - Tonbridge inspector Mark Hutcheon

During a police interview Hall admitted that he would buy large amounts of cannabis and divide it into £10 and £20 bags, which he would sell to those who knocked on his door, but claims he was unaware of the age of the teenagers.

Hall was sentenced at Maidstone Crown Court on Wednesday June 25. He previously pleaded guilty to possessing cannabis with intent to supply as well as a charge of supplying cannabis.

Tonbridge inspector Mark Hutcheon said: "Like most towns, Tonbridge suffers from a small minority of criminals who will try to profit from selling drugs, but thankfully it is very rare that school children are exposed to the serious dangers which Hall had created.

"Hall's actions were simply deplorable. He did not care who he supplied cannabis to, regardless of their age.

"I’m pleased that the court has shared our view that young people need protecting and that Hall will now have the time to reflect on his extremely reckless and selfish behaviour."

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