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Tonbridge: residents left terrified after reports of a woman running through the town in a scary clown mask

By Annabel Rusbridge-Thomas

Pranksters in clown masks have been reported to police after terrifying children on the streets of Tonbridge.

Frantic parents have issued a warning after a group of Year 7 Hillview School pupils were reportedly chased through the town by a woman donning a halloween-style mask.

But it's no laughing matter and one concerned resident even called the emergency services to report the sinister sight in the High Street on Thursday.

An 18-year-old girl has been forced to apologise after scaring Tonbridge school children with masks. Stock picture

A Kent Police spokesman confirmed the force received a call about a woman wearing a clown mask approaching a group of school children.

He added: "Officers have reviewed the incident including checks of local CCTV and are satisfied no offences have been committed.

"The incident is not being treated as malicious, however anyone who still has concerns should call police on 101."

Headteacher of Hillview School, Mrs Elaine Buchanan, has sent an e-mail to parents warning them about the incidents.

In it she said staff are aware of two separate occasions where students have been approached by two people wearing black outfits and white clown masks.

The operation took place in Tonbridge High Street

She added: "Students are already communicating with each other on social media and you may already be aware. Should you have any concerns, please contact the police direct, not the school.

"Students should let their parents know their whereabouts and that we have informed you of the situation."

But not everybody is taking the matter so seriously, Tim Woodman has been clowning around on social media and even joked the woman causing masked mayhem was his wife.

On Facebook he posted: "I am very sorry, the wife got free again. She chewed through the straps, got out through the dungeon sewers and lost the cover over her head in the process. Do not approach, she is obscenely ugly and has snakes for hair."

Others criticised his light-hearted manner with one poster saying: "She has already petrified by what I can see quite a few children in their own home town."

Jess Berry wrote: " Keep all your children and belongings close guys. I may not be a mum myself but i do look out for childrens' safety out in the streets."

A police investigation was launched in Canterbury in 2013 after a prowler in a horror mask began stalking women.

An image of the V for Vendetta mask which terrified students in Canterbury

Detectives believed there could have been several men donning sinister masks, apparently inspired by the film V for Vendetta and stepped up night-time patrols in the city.

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