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Thieves ransack nine-year-old girl's bedroom during brazen burglary in Albert Street in Whitstable

Callous thieves smashed their way into a home in a daylight attack before ransacking a nine-year-old girl's bedroom in the hunt for cash.

Philippa Moreton, of Albert Street, was devastated when she came home late afternoon to find her house had been broken into just hours before.

The University of Kent researcher believes vandals unbolted her garden gate before trying to prise her windows open using a screwdriver.

A window was smashed to gain access to the home

When that failed, they broke in after smashing a double glazed window to gain access through a nearby door.

Once in the house, they snatched Ms Moreton's laptop, which was kept in small rucksack and ransacked her daughter Olivia's bedroom looking for money.

Philippa said: "I don't have very much stuff but they took my laptop which was in a backpack and its obvious they went through my house looking for money.

"They went into my daughter's bedroom and emptied her money box and her drawers.

"Now we don't feel safe in our home. Luckily we weren't in and no one was hurt but it has made me paranoid..." - Philippa Moreton

"The most upsetting thing is that they took a box of treasures which were given to her by her grandparents which had huge sentimental value."

Ms Moreton said she has spoken out in an effort to warn others about the brazen burglars before adding the incident has caused huge upset for her family.

She said her daughter is scared to enter rooms alone and that she is worried by a lack of police presence following the closure of the town's police office.

Philippa added: "I was in shock that this happened in broad daylight in Albert Street and their determination to get in my house.

"Now we don't feel safe in our home. Luckily we weren't in and no one was hurt but it has made me paranoid.

"I look at people and think did you break into my home. My daughter is obviously very upset and she doesn't go into any room in the house without me there."

Police are thought to be investigating the incident, which took place on Monday, September 1.

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