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Horses on the loose in Whitstable corralled into Nacholt Close by Kent Police

A police car and a selection of wheelie bins have trapped a pair of escaped horses in a residential close.

The creatures had been on the loose since 4am today and have been chased around Whitstable.

They ended up in Nacholt Close at around 6.30am and were recovered four hours later.

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This pair of horses are being penned in by a police car and wheelie bins in Nacholt Close, Whitstable

Joyce Kemp, who lives in the close, said: "I pulled the curtains back this morning, saw the police car and thought there had been a burglary.

"When I saw the horses I had to laugh. Nothing exciting ever happens up here.

"They have been munching on my front lawn. I was annoyed because I only mowed the lawn on Sunday."

Neighbour Tony Evans added: "My first thought when I saw them was somebody is taking the mickey.

"I was worried about them coming close to my car. I've lived here eight months and nothing like this has ever happened.

"When I lived in Sturry I saw a swan in my front garden which was unusual but this tops it."

Police spokesman Jon Green says 10 calls from the public had been received regarding the runaway horses with the first one at 4am.

Video: Horses corralled in residential street

Police officers are waiting for help to remove the horses, which have been given a bucket of water to drink from.

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