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Developer George Wilson says he will prosecute flytippers dumping rubbish on estates in Chestfield and Hersden

By Joe Wright

A property mogul fed up with flytippers dumping rubbish on his estates says he will catch and prosecute those dropping the waste.

Developer George Wilson has had enough of the illegal practice, which has seen mounds of trash - including fridges and cars - abandoned on the Lakesview business park in Hersden and John Wilson estate in Chestfield.

He has now vowed to install cameras and security patrols on his land in a bid to catch the flytippers.

George Wilson says he will catch and prosecute those dropping waste on his estates. Picture: Joe Wright

“We have an epidemic of fly-tipping on our business parks,” he said.

“The issue is now worse than it ever has been and it has now got to the point where we are prepared to pursue private prosecutions on these people.

“We’re not taking the soft approach. We will throw up cameras and security guards will patrol the estates, so we will definitely catch these people.

This is the state one fly-tipper left. Picture: Joe Wright

“It will cost thousands but we will chase it to the bitter end and it will be worth it as these people need to be caught.

“We need to protect our assets and there is no doubt that these fly-tippers will pay the price when they are caught - whether it be on CCTV or physically caught.”

A number of cars and vans have been left on the estates, with one Mercedes leaking oil.

"It will cost thousands but we will chase it to the bitter end and it will be worth it as these people need to be caught..." - George Wilson

Other forms of waste include mattresses, shoes and TVs.

Mr Wilson added: “People are just abandoning their unwanted vehicles - it is unbelievable.

“There is a van on the John Wilson business park which has been left for months. It is taking up a vital car parking space and cannot be moved.

“A man comes along and uses the van as his workshop to build bird cages. A load of dumped wooden pallets surround it and the van has become a fixture of the site.

“I get reports that he is there some days, but when we dart over there he is gone.

“However, he will definitely be caught soon and it will cost him serious money when he and other fly-tippers are taken to court.”

Mr Wilson fears the rubbish will attract rats and hopes to get rid of it as soon as possible.

Mounds of trash have been left on George Wilson's estates. Picture: Joe Wright

He added: “As the estates are private, the council’s powers are limited and it is a laborious process that takes months.

“The occupants of the businesses are facing increased costs to get the waste cleaned up.

“It is totally unfair that in this current economic climate, innocent people are having to pay for inconsiderate disposal of rubbish.”

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