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Whitstable singer Blair Booth shocked after negative comments over song recorded as a "gift" following her first visit from London

By KentOnline reporter

A former pop star has spoken of her shock after a song she wrote as a gift to the people of Whitstable led to a nasty hate campaign.

Blair Booth of Chaucer Avenue recorded The Whitstable Song following her first visit two years ago with her partner Danny when the couple lived in London.

After uploading the song online describing it as her “gift to the wonderful people of Whitstable” she was stunned by comments branding her “arrogant” and “patronising”.

Since the song was uploaded to Youtube it has received more than 2,000 views
Since the song was uploaded to Youtube it has received more than 2,000 views

Since the clip was uploaded on YouTube last Thursday it has been viewed more than 2,000 times.

But the song has led to angry rants about DFLs – known as people Down from London – pushing up house prices and increasing the town’s parking problems.

Facebook user Stuart Whiler posted: “Some true Whitstable folk would agree thanks to D.F.L it’s just not possible to afford a house in a town we know better than any outsider.”

Blair, who performed on Top of the Pops with hip-hop trio Oui 3, even claims to be subjected to a hate campaign because of the song.

According to her official website she has also collaborated with musicians Robert Plant, Marc Almond and Terry Hall and has also produced music for hit TV shows such as Hollyoaks and The F-Word.

Blair Booth and her partner Danny Phillips
Blair Booth and her partner Danny Phillips

She said: “I had no idea there would be or is such hostility over something so sincere as a simple song, which was meant to be a gift to the town’s people.

“I have taken a lot of abuse for it.

“I did write an apology on Facebook should I have caused any offence, but this seemed to make it worse.

“I have had no choice but to stop comments and likes on the Youtube link.”

“I cannot be held responsible for house prices going up, or for any other problems that may be here, that I am not even aware of”.

Video: Blair Booth's song about Whitstable

After reading the comments Blair says she has apologised even though the song was a “sincere message” adding she will suspend comments on the YouTube clip.

But she says the setback won’t prevent her from enjoying her new life in Whitstable having moved from Tottenham just after the London riots.

She added: “It’s daunting for anyone no matter who they are to move to a new place. I was hoping at the very least be accepted”.

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