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General Election 2019: This is who you can vote for in Ashford


Now that election campaigns have officially kicked off, parties have chosen the candidates who will stand for each constituency.

Here is who you can vote for in Ashfordon December 12.



Dara Farrell
Dara Farrell

I’ve lived in Ashford from birth, since graduating from the University of Kent with an MA, I’ve delivered local youth and community work, been vice-chair of a national children's charity and worked as a nightclub DJ across the southeast. Currently hold seats on Ashford Borough Council and the county council, where I lead the Labour group.

Nine years into Conservative austerity, it’s an insult to the people of Ashford to claim that Tories will bring any sort of investment to our crumbling public services.

Council funding in Kent has been cut to the bone Conservative MPs have done very little to resist these cuts. It’s impossible not to notice the town’s creaking infrastructure as more and more developments ass pressure to vital services. As proposals to close the A&E at the William Harvey are developed, Ashford needs to be represented in Parliament by a proven campaigner on the side of the many.


Adrian Gee-Turner
Adrian Gee-Turner

I am the Liberal Democrat candidate in the general election. Liberal Democrats are the only party with a clear Stop Brexit policy.

As a local councillor, I was Chair of the Lib Dem Council Group for the London Borough of Hackney and lead spokesperson on Business and Development.

I run a marketing consultancy business in Ashford for the medical industry and have advised the Department of Health and the Ambulance Service. I am intensely proud of the NHS and will work determinedly to defend local services.

I have a particular interest in economical issues and climate change is the critical global challenge of our time.

We have pledged to dramatically increase the number of teachers to give every child the best start in life.

I want to represent the people of Ashford at Westminster so that I can help to build a fairer economy and a brighter future.


Damian Green
Damian Green

An Arrow Taxi pulled to a halt when it passed me today, and the driver shouted “Tell your boss just to get Brexit done.” I couldn’t agree more, and nor could Boris.

That’s the central national issue at this election, and only the Conservatives want it to happen.

Only when we end the agony of this phase of Brexit can we move on to our other national priorities.

A Conservative government with a working majority will put another £33.9bn into the NHS, recruit 20,000 more police officers and give more funding for every pupil in every school.

Here I am campaigning to keep the A&E at the William Harvey. I want to continue to help regenerate Ashford town centre by attracting new businesses. I work with the police and crime commissioner to make our streets safer and use some of those extra police to fight rural crime. Finally I want to protect and enhance the beautiful Kent countryside.


Mandy Rossi
Mandy Rossi

I believe that it is time for change. We have reached a point in history where business as usual politics no longer serves us. My priority in this election is ensuring that we put climate first. All out policies are underpinned by our commitment to the environment.

Ashford is my home and has been for over 20 years. I want to see our communities thriving and local businesses succeeding and I want to ensure our green spaces are protected.

This election isn’t just about Brexit, it’s about repairing our climate, repairing our communities and repairing our broken electoral system.

A vote for the Green party is a vote well cast. This year in Ashford, we gained our first two councillors in Willesborough.

Our voice in Ashford is growing. A vote for me is a vote for environmental and social justice, and a vote for a different way of doing politics.

We are awaiting responses from the remaining candidates.

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