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Day in the life of Ashford musician and ghost hunter Jack Rose, star of Amazon Prime TV show

As families gear up for a night of celebrating the paranormal, it will be another day at the office for one Kent man.

Ashford singer Jack Rose has a unique second career; searching out the supernatural on his own ghost hunting TV show. In the build-up to Halloween, he spoke to KentOnline Reporter Alex Jee about his ghostly experiences.

Watch the teaser for Ghost Hunting with Jack Rose

There aren't many people who can claim to both be a chart-topping musician, but even fewer can honestly say they have had paranormal experiences and managed to capture them on camera.

Jack Rose can claim both, and has travelled all across the country to find some of the UK's most infamous ghosts.

The 20-year-old has always had an interest in the paranormal, stemming back into his childhood.

"I still remember being about seven years old, I would come home from school and sit straight down in the living room to watch Most Haunted," he explained.

"My mum and dad used to do a lot of ghost hunting, they have investigated loads of iconic places for signs of anything paranormal. I think that's where I got most of my ghost-hunting spark from."

Jack Rose has his own ghost hunting show on Amazon Prime
Jack Rose has his own ghost hunting show on Amazon Prime

While also starting a career in music as a teenager, Jack first began searching for signs of the paranormal on his own when he was just 16.

As with many modern-day careers, he launched himself into the public sphere on YouTube, alongside his team and Gogglebox star Sandi Bogle.

Following that, he was contacted by one of the brains behind hit US TV show Ghost Adventures.

The show had got his attention, and before Jack knew it his own show, Ghost Hunting with Jack Rose, had been signed onto a contract and was being released in America.

"It was great to be signed on, we went all over the country investigating some amazing places," he said.

"I looked up and I saw a woman standing right in front of me..."

"We then wanted to see if we could get the show released in the UK and Amazon said that they would take it.

"So since then we have released it on Amazon and are currently working on a second series."

In the first season, Jack and his team visit two Kent landmarks: Dover Castle and the Theatre Royal in Margate; episodes for which he was joined by Tracy Beaker actor Richard Wisker and former Love Island star Georgia Harrison respectively.

However, it was further North where he says he had one of his most strange experiences.

"We filmed in a little place in Cheshire Knutsfield, in a manor house called Tatton Old Hall. I believe it used to be owned by a man and his mistress, who still haunts the house." he explained.

Jack Rose speaks about a paranormal experience

"The owners had brought in items from around the world, they had a possessed clown doll, an African tribal mask, two dolls from the Axe Murder House, and a witches doll that they had found in Wales.

"That doll is meant to be the most haunted doll in the UK.

"I sat in a room alone with this doll and I just got this really uneasy feeling. I looked up and saw a woman, standing right in front of me. I couldn't really see her face, it was like it was blurred out."

"That was one of the strangest experiences for me, I had been on my own the whole time as well, and all I could hear was banging and walking around upstairs."

From time to time, the young paranormal prodigy says that he finds that his work with the supernatural will collide with his music.

Jack (R) often has guests appear on the show
Jack (R) often has guests appear on the show

This was the case when he visited Shrewsbury prison in search of ghosts, where he says his phone – previously turned off – began playing one of his unreleased songs.

"It started playing some of the lyrics to 'Overdrive', which I had only just recorded," he explained. The words were "“Take me to another dimension… Only you can make me come alive…”.

Inspired, Jack says he performed the song at his next performance to acclaim, and knew it had to be his next release.

"I do get inspired by the paranormal, it gives me a thrill, it sends a rush through my body," he said.

"I'll get into the car on the way back from filming and I'll just be writing away on my phone".

Medium Paula Stevens went out with Laoise ghost hunting
Medium Paula Stevens went out with Laoise ghost hunting

And we sent our own intrepid reporter, Laoise Gallagher, out hunting for ghosts in Kent.

She went with a medium who said that she didn't sense the 'classic' Blue Bell Hill ghost when they visited there, but found an area on the old hill where she felt cold and sick and said she sensed a woman there who was around 18 years old with short hair.

To find out more read her feature which will be published on the spookiest day of all, Halloween.

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