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Fastest woman in Britain Dina Asher-Smith becomes Barbie's new Olympic 'Shero' to celebrate International Women's Day

The fastest woman in British history has been made into a Barbie doll to celebrate International Women's Day.

Dina Asher-Smith, a champion sprinter from Orpington, hopes the doll will tackle the 'Dream Gap' many girls face.

Dina Asher-Smith with the doll Picture: @dinaashersmith (30685647)
Dina Asher-Smith with the doll Picture: @dinaashersmith (30685647)

Mattel, the dolls manufacturer, designed the toy as a way to highlight female role models, remove barriers to girl's dreams and help them realise they can be just as capable as men.

Miss Asher-Smith is the embodiment of this message, as she achieved the British record for the 100 and 200-meter sprints in 2019, at 10.83 seconds and 21.88 seconds respectively.

Acting as Mattel's new 'Shero', the runner hopes she can be an example to girls, encouraging them to strive for their dreams.

She added: “I’m so proud to have my own one-of-a-kind Dina Barbie doll. It’s an honour to work with Barbie as a ‘Shero’ and work together to inspire future champions.

“Growing up, sportswomen were less visible in the media and there is still a gap when it comes to women’s sports, which is why representation is so important.

Dina Asher-Smith's Barbie 'Shero' doll Picture: @dinaashersmith
Dina Asher-Smith's Barbie 'Shero' doll Picture: @dinaashersmith

"For Barbie to champion female athletes and different sports shows future generations that anything is possible. I hope little girls will see my doll and be inspired to take up and continue to enjoy sports."

The running champion is not the only sportswoman having her likeness honoured. Champions from across Europe will stand with the Dina doll, such as French football captain Amandine Henry, Paralympic swimming champion Sumeyye Boyacı and European junior surfing champion Teresa Bonvalot.

Miss Asher-Smith said she was taken aback by how much the doll resembled her, down to the skin tone, muscle tone, jewellery and hair braids.

The doll's running outfit is modelled on the one Miss Asher-Smith wore when she won a gold medal at the World Athletics Championships.

She believes these details on appearance matter because it is important for young girls to see all aspects of femininity and see themselves in their toys.

She said on her Instagram page: "So it’s finally out... @barbie have made me into a one-of-a-kind Shero doll.

"When I was told they wanted to make me into a Barbie doll I honestly screamed, jumped up and down and ran around my house lol!!!

"And then what made me even happier, was that Barbie went to lengths to capture the doll in my exact likeness - ranging from skin tone to hair texture, muscle tone to spike details, lashes to strong brows and even included my jewellery.

"The level of detail and care was incredible. I want to say a humongous thank you to the entire Barbie team for this effort and honour.

"When I was growing up there wasn’t many dolls that looked like me full stop, let alone one that represented what I wanted to be without compromising musculature and smaller features of self expression. This is may seem quite small but positively showcasing accurate images of sportswomen is so important. It has the potential to shape young people’s perception of us, sport and as a result themselves and their own futures.


"Thanks @barbie. I’m so happy - I never envisaged being a Barbie doll this is going straight into my trophy cabinet ♥️ #BarbieRoleModels"

International women's day is on Sunday and celebrates women world-wide.

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