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Canterbury MP Rosie Duffield says Brexit deal is close

Kent's only Labour MP says she will not back a Brexit deal that is about “saving politicians' skin” rather than one that is best for the country - and claims a deal is close to being reached.

Canterbury MP Rosie Duffield has been in Brussels on a fact-finding visit and said in an interview that even those who voted to leave the EU wanted a say on the terms of the deal.

She said a deal was close but if it did not resolve key issues like customs, she would not back it.

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Canterbury MP Rosie Duffield
Canterbury MP Rosie Duffield

She said: “It sounds almost as if a deal has been done and we are poised for the EU to accept that deal.

"I don’t know when it is going to be announced but it is pretty much in the bag.

"It sounds like the bare bones of a deal to me - it sounds like they are doing anything or something just to push things through.

“Those really complex and complicated issues have not been resolved or solved or dealt with for the future. I couldn’t back that up because they have not been thorough enough.

"It’s not perfect but if I am not standing up for my constituents [and we] have this awful situation, for Dover to be a disaster, I couldn’t in all consciousness vote for that.

“It sounds almost as if a deal has been done and we are poised for the EU to accept that deal..." - Canterbury MP Rosie Duffield

"I don’t even think that the leavers in my constituency would want that.”

She claimed nearly all of those who supported leaving had changed their mind on a vote on the terms of the arrangements for departure.

She added: “I’d love a People’s Vote and so would my constituents.

"People that actually did vote to leave - actually nearly all of them who went for the back of the bus deal have almost all changed their mind. I think it is really important they have their say.

"If they haven’t [changed their minds] then so what?

"Let’s give them a better deal, let’s give them a deal they voted on, not this ridiculous political posturing; this fudge that saves people’s skin.

"That’s not what is good for the country, it is not what we want.”

Her comments come as the Prime Minister is due to meet cabinet ministers about the terms under which the government could agree a deal.

The EU’s chief negotiator has said there is not yet enough detail on key sticking points to call a special summit next week.

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