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Canterbury teenager Ernest Brenchley completes six somersaults off one bounce from back garden trampoline in Goudhurst

A daredevil Kent teenager is jumping for joy after completing an astonishing six somersaults off one bounce – from a back garden trampoline.

Fearless Ernest Brenchley, 14, from Canterbury, is seen rocketing into the air in the dramatic footage caught on a pal’s camera in Goudhurst.

Reaching the apex the teenager somersaults at remarkable speed before landing on a safety mat flung down by his friends.

He and his mates then run off shouting in disbelief at the incredible feat they have just witnessed.

But Ernest had gone one better just days before, completing a mind-boggling seven flips in one jump at BounceLab in Belp, Switzerland - dubbed the world's first "septuple kaboom".

The thrill-seeking youngster, who has gained 38,000 followers on Instagram, admits his nerves start jangling in the moments leading up to the stunts.

He told KentOnline: "It's really scary. Sometimes you land on your nose, face or neck.

"But if you can get over the fear, it doesn't hurt at all."

Ernest Brenchley after septuple kaboom (15271089)
Ernest Brenchley after septuple kaboom (15271089)

One one occasion Ernest didn't get his landing right and was flung into one of the metal bars around the trampoline - breaking his nose and chipping a tooth.

Aren't his parents worried?

"I'm pretty sure they know I'm in control of the situation," says Ernest.

"And there's nothing they can do to stop me.

"It's my life passion. If I quit, I'd be lost."

In fact proud dad Ian, who runs Canterbury Taxis, even shows customers his son's high-flying antics.

Ernest Brenchley back garden flip (15271434)
Ernest Brenchley back garden flip (15271434)

"I don't like him doing it but he shows it to everyone he meets," says Ernest.

The youngster's popularity on social media has continued to grow, with Usain Bolt among those liking his videos, which have also been shared by LadBible.

The Archbishop's School pupil - who has two older brothers, a younger sister and younger brother - says he is now getting more attention from classmates.

"Everyone knows me as that kid that has blown up and got famous on Instagram," says Ernest.

He is part of the Radial Flips group of trampoliners, who showcase the "the best UK flips" on their YouTube channel - and even sell merchandise.

Ernest Brenchley septuple kaboom in Switzerland (15271549)
Ernest Brenchley septuple kaboom in Switzerland (15271549)

Of course, it was all very different when little Ernest got his first trampoline in 2009.

But over the years the residents of Lansdown Road have seen him leaping higher and higher in his back garden, where he practises "four to eight hours a day".

The youngster says his entire day at school is spent thinking about getting back on the trampoline.

And even the long winter nights can't stop him - as his parents have fitted a floodlight so he can continue jumping.

In February his parents got him "the best garden trampoline money can buy", costing about £3,000, to hone his skills.

Ernest Brenchley back garden flip (15271432)
Ernest Brenchley back garden flip (15271432)

Ernest says his unique ability to perform the "kabooms" - where he bounces from landing on his back - is down to practise, his body shape and mental strength.

"Some people can physically do it, but mentally wouldn't even attempt it," he says.

He keeps track of the number of flips he has performed by counting how many times he has seen the ground and sky flash by before landing.

Ernest believes he is the first person in the world to perform a "septuple kaboom" - but won't be attempting eight flips in one, "because of the risk".

"I'm in control but it gets to a certain point where it's not worth it," he says.

Ernest Brenchley back garden flip (15271430)
Ernest Brenchley back garden flip (15271430)

Ernest admits a sudden growth spurt could stop him being able to do so many spins. But he would carry on as freestyle athlete nonetheless.

The youngster is so passionate about what he does, he says if Team GB came calling he would turn them down because gymnastics trampolining would "hold me back".

Instead his next target is to try and better his "sextuple kaboom" - by attempting a seven-spin back garden somersault.

But anyone inspired by Ernest should not begin by trying to match his multiple flips.

"Start practising first," he warns.

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