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Canterbury taxi driver stabbed man four times before son cleaned knife

A taxi driver screamed “I’m going to kill you” as he stabbed a man four times with a kitchen knife during a violent dispute over money, a court has heard.

Ilir Deskaj, 38, plunged the blade repeatedly into Avni Krasniqi’s legs as the pair - who were known to each other - rowed in Hever Place, Canterbury.

Ilir Deskaj has been jailed for nine years
Ilir Deskaj has been jailed for nine years

His son, Benjamin Deskaj, then took the knife away and cleaned it.

Deskaj Snr was jailed for nine years yesterday after his guilty plea to wounding with intent was accepted by prosecutors ahead of the start of an attempted murder trial.

Canterbury Crown Court heard the motivation for the attack was an argument over “bad debt”, but no further details were disclosed.

Judge Simon James was told Deskaj had armed himself with the knife on April 30 this year and invited him to his house under false pretences.

Deskaj was said to have been left feeling “anxious” after he was approached by two individuals earlier that day, but no more details on the encounter were divulged.

The two met in a car and when Deskaj became threatening Mr Krasniqi got out.

The dispute escalated, with Deskaj trying to slash Mr Krasniqi’s throat but cutting his victim’s hand instead after the blow was parried.

Deskaj then stabbed Mr Krasniqi three times in his thighs.

The father-of-one was rushed to hospital following the attack at about 11pm.

The attack took place in Hever Place, Canterbury. Pic: Google Street View
The attack took place in Hever Place, Canterbury. Pic: Google Street View

Deskaj, of Frencham Close, Canterbury, was arrested nearby and admitted the assault, but later gave a no comment interview to police.

He denied attempted murder at a previous hearing but pleaded guilty to wounding with intent and possessing a kitchen knife in public.

A separate charge of making threats to kill will lie on file.

Judge James told him he is lucky the injuries to minicab driver Mr Krasniqi were not more severe.

“You took a concealed knife to a meeting which you knew had a real likelihood to deteriorate into confrontation,” he said.

“You used the knife to inflict four separate, significant and serious wounds to your victim.

“It is only by good fortune as opposed to any judgement on your part that the injuries weren’t any more serious.

Canterbury Crown Court (17790168)
Canterbury Crown Court (17790168)

“Although mercifully the wounds weren’t as serious as they might have been I do not accept that they cumulatively can’t be considered as anything other than really serious.

“Your reaction was completely disproportionate and there can be no justification for taking the law into your own hands.”

Mitigating, John Barker said Deskaj had no alcohol or drug addictions, just one previous conviction for battery and snapped after “pressures came to a head”.

His family gasped as sentence was passed and waved as he was led from the dock.

Deskaj Jr, 20, pleaded guilty to perverting the course of justice at a previous hearing.

He is expected to be sentenced next week.

Investigating officer DC Peter Emanuel said: "This was a very violent act and the sentence handed down by the court reflects the severity of what Deskaj did.

"He purposely took a knife with him and carried out the attack on a person who was sat in a car and unable to defend himself.

"Kent Police will continue to tackle the culture around carrying knives and those who think doing so is acceptable."

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