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Graphic anti-abortion leaflets posted in Canterbury

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A graphic Christmas flyer condemning abortion as slaughter has been posted through letterboxes in Canterbury.

The double-sided leaflet shows "horrific" images of unborn foetuses and tells the reader "you cannot celebrate Christmas and support abortion".

Enclosed in brown envelopes addressed simply to "The Resident", the flyers have sparked disgust.

The controversial leaflet. The graphic image has been covered
The controversial leaflet. The graphic image has been covered

Shocked violin teacher Karen Jolliffe, who received the post on Monday, said: "I was absolutely horrified to open up the envelope.

"People will probably think it is a Christmas card, but when they open it up they'll be met with that terrible content."

It is not yet known who or what group has posted the flyers.

Text on the leaflet reads: "This Christmas, as you spare a thought for the baby in the crib, spare a thought for all babies in the womb that they might be born, as God intends; and not butchered, as the Devil intends".

It goes on to state that "an average of 200,000 babies are slaughtered in the womb each year in Britain, through abortion".

Miss Joliffe, who lives in the city centre, added: "Everyone has a right to their personal beliefs but posting such content through front doors is not on."

She has now contacted the police regarding the post.

The fliers are enclosed in envelopes
The fliers are enclosed in envelopes

Commenting on Facebook, Carole Orby said: "Imagine a young child seeing this come through the letterbox and getting all excited because they can see a picture of baby Jesus.

"Then, the poor little thing sees the graphic pictures, how traumatising could this be?

"I am disgusted that they misrepresent all the lovely Christian people out there who would not want to be associated with anything as low as this."

Laura Pearson added: "That’s pretty sick putting those through letterboxes.. what if a child sees it? Or someone who’s had to have an abortion?

"Most people don’t want to see whatever those images are. Don’t judge people, people have their reasons and choices for abortion, and these nasty leaflets are sick."

Mrs Jolliffe reported the unwelcome post to police and was given a crime reference number.

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