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The Maiden's Head and Cafe Mauresque in Canterbury reject chance to reopen

A publican has decided not to reopen his doors for business on Saturday, saying it would be "irresponsible" while the coronavirus infection is still prevalent in the community.

Unlike most other landlords, Jeremy Stirling and Monica Michavila, who run the Maiden's Head in Wincheap, are rejecting the government's green light to the trade.

Hosts of the Maiden's Head in Canterbury Jeremy Stirling and Monica Michavila.
Hosts of the Maiden's Head in Canterbury Jeremy Stirling and Monica Michavila.

They also believe the social distancing and other measures required will ruin the atmosphere of what a visit to the pub should be.

"We feel it would be irresponsible to reopen, due to the spike in infections taking place at the moment, " said Jeremy.

"We will open when we feel it will be safe for our staff and customers to enjoy themselves without all the recommended restrictions.

"We want to run a pub with the ability to socialise and mingle without the rules and restrictions.

"I don't want to be like a headmaster ordering people about and I think we've already witnessed that many 20 and 30-year-olds don't give a monkey about the rules."

Their decision has been widely supported on social media.

"We applaud the action you are taking," wrote Harry Davey. "You will certainly see more of us when circumstances allow."

"Well done and good on you," added Linda Thornton.

The Inn Doors micropub in Sandgate
The Inn Doors micropub in Sandgate

By their very diminished scale, micropubs face particular difficulties in reopening and maintaining some form of social distancing.

Among those to already announce they won't be back in business on Saturday is the Inn Doors in Sandgate.

Posting on their Facebook page, the owners say: "Due to the 47 pages of recommendations/regulations involved in opening the pub we have reluctantly decided not to open up on July 4.

"We will review this mid-July and hopefully we will be able to welcome everyone back."

Not all those in the restaurants trade, also released from lockdown, will be reopening either.

The Mauresque Cafe in Butchery Lane, Canterbury.
The Mauresque Cafe in Butchery Lane, Canterbury.

The Morrocan eatery Cafe Mauresque in Butchery Lane, Canterbury, has also decided to remain closed for the time being, until further restrictions are lifted.

Posting on their Instagram page, bosses say: "Cafe Mauresque’s infusion of food and atmosphere, conviviality makes the restaurant and its premises unique in the city of Canterbury.

"With all sincerity we have assessed (with the help of independent advisors/Health England) and recognised that within the Covid-19 framework much of that is lost or too compromised.

"Our opening date will thereby await a better time for everyone to enjoy what eating out is all about."

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